The Best Food Delivery Services for College Students

We get it, having adult responsibilities in college is hard. Between school, work, projects and tests, who has time to buy groceries and cook? Sometimes all we need is a break. Let ORANGE help you by giving you a list of the best food delivery services available in Austin.

By Andrea Cos

Farmhouse Delivery: Bringing the Farmer’s Market to You

Photo courtesy of Farmhouse Delivery.

Photo courtesy of Farmhouse Delivery.

If you love eating fresh and buying local, but can’t find the time to shop for it yourself, this is the food delivery service for you. A membership includes a weekly or bi-weekly delivery of fresh, local produce along with your choice of local dairy, meat, poultry and/or baked goods. The food is sourced primarily from farms within 150 miles of Austin and comes in two different serving size plans.

The stress of school is hard enough without having to worry about healthy eating. Treat yourself to fresh seasonal Texas produce without having to leave the comfort of your home.







Postmates: The FedEx of Home Delivery

Postmates provides delivery from any restaurant or store in your area. This means that in addition to ordering food from some of the best restaurants in Austin while sitting on your couch, you can also have prescriptions, groceries, dry cleaning, electronics, cosmetics and more delivered to you around the clock in less than an hour. What more could an overworked college student want?

Delivery fee: $5


Tiff’s Treats: Providing Warm Cookies since 1999

Tiff’s Treats, one of the first warm cookie delivery concepts in the nation, was created by two former University of Texas students. They sell made-from-scratch cookies that are hand-delivered straight from the oven to you. As an added bonus, you can order them for someone else as a birthday gift for  a thoughtful surprise. Let’s be real, who wouldn’t love to be surprised by free warm cookies?

For those never-ending days and long nights filled with work, Tiff’s Treats provides the comfort of warm fresh-baked cookies delivered to your door.  

Delivery fee: $5






Push for Pizza: As Easy as it Sounds

With just the push of a button, you can have pizza from a local pizzeria delivered straight to you. After downloading the Push for Pizza app and entering your address and payment information, you’re just a tap away from getting pizza delivered from the closest pizzeria. Although you don’t get to pick the pizzeria, the pizza, delivery and tip are all paid for before the delivery person arrives. This app is perfect for frazzled college students who want a delicious meal easily ordered and delivered.

Delivery fee: $0


UberEats: The Holy Grail of Food Delivery

In August of 2015, Uber expanded its services into the food delivery business and created UberEats. Restaurants available to choose from include East Side King, Swift’s Attic, Gourdough’s, The Peached Tortilla, Chi’lantro and many many more.

Delivery time: 10 minutes (after the courier picks up your food)

Delivery fee: $3






Instacart: Groceries Made Easy

If the thought of doing groceries fills you with dread, fear no more. This app offers delivery from Whole Foods Market, Costco, H-E-B, Royal Blue Grocery, Central Market, Greenling Organic, Tomlinson’s and Petco. You can choose from one-hour delivery, two-hour delivery or delivery at a time of your choosing.

We get it, college is hard enough without having to worry about shopping for groceries. Do yourself a favor and save yourself the hassle by using Instacart.

Delivery fee: $5.99 for one-hour delivery, $3.99 for two-hour delivery or a designated time