ORANGE Asks ACL: Weekend Two

ACL returns to Zilker Park for another jam-packed weekend of music madness.

Story by Rachel Rascoe and Alejandro Diaz

ORANGE hit up some of our new favorite acts to get a closer glimpse of the maestros behind the music. Be sure to set time aside for these performers when they storm the stage this coming weekend.


Charlie Belle

Photo courtesy of Barclay, Ice & Coal.

Photo courtesy of Barclay, Ice & Coal.

The local indie duo, consisting of siblings Gyasi and Jendayi Bonds, on drums and guitar/vocals respectively, are new to the scene, but their silky smooth alt-pop carries a panache far beyond their years. If 2015’s “I Don’t Want to be Alone” is a sign of things to come, Charlie Belle will be a force to be reckoned with. Catch them on Sunday at the festival.

Answers by drummer Gyasi Bonds.


What was your favorite song in middle school?

My favorite song in middle school was “Fluorescent Adolescent” by the Arctic Monkeys. I loved this song, truly, because of my sister Jendayi. She was and is a true Arctic Monkeys fan, and would submerge me with all of their music. This one really stood out to me, I think, because it was the one I heard the most, and still to this day, the beat of the song is just amazing to me.

What color is your music?

I see our music color being a yellowish orange. The reason being is because I think yellow is very relaxed, laid back and groovy while orange is a more exciting, dance party feature. I believe that our music is mellow and laid back, but at the same time can be transformed into a more exciting getting-the-party-started kind of feel.

What series/book have you seen/read multiple times?

A book that I have read multiple times is the “Invention of Hugo Cabret” by Brian Selznick. Even though it’s a huge book without many words and a lot of illustrations, it's still beautiful. You could read that book once and re-read it again after a month in a totally different way than before. The story you see through the pictures, in my opinion, is something you wouldn't be able to express and enjoy by just reading it.

When and where was your first kiss?

My first kiss was in seventh grade at my school dance. It was hilarious because looking back it was a kiss just like in the movies. The girl I kissed was actually my “girlfriend”, if you can call it that in seventh grade. We were standing near the snack stand and the craziest romantic love song was playing in the background and she was talking and I just swooped in and kissed her. It was a very bad kiss, like I believe all first kisses are, but after that I felt like “The Man”. It was fantastic and I told all my friends.

What was your worst vacation?

I haven't necessarily had a terrible vacation. Not one I could call the worst. But I do remember when my sister and I went to our grandparents’ home in Washington D.C. and they lost the wifi password. Jendayi and I were 15 and 13 so our phones were the gateway to our lives. We were so intertwined with our social media. So having the slow, one bar connection was just dreadful, because we couldn't talk to our friends on Instagram and were forced to be connected to everyone around us, instead of spending all of our time on our phones.


Saint Motel

Photo by Jabari Jacobs.

Photo by Jabari Jacobs.

Rising LA-based shimmer-pop quartet Saint Motel has been on everyone’s radar since the debut of their 2012 album “Voyeur.” Catch them on Saturday to hear lead singer A/J Jackson and Co. tear through fan favorites and songs from their upcoming record “saintmotelevision.”

Answers by frontman Jackson.


What album can you not stop listening to right now?

Saintmotelevison out of necessity.  Mostly because we are coming up with music video and Virtualizer ideas.

What was your favorite song in middle school?

I don’t really play favorites, but I can tell you I was listening to a lot of punk and new wave at the time.

What series/book have you read/seen multiple times?

I don’t know if I’ve ever watched or read a series twice. I’m kind of a hit-it-and-quit kind of content consumer, I suppose.

When and where was your first kiss?

I don’t really remember. I’m guessing summer camp though. Probably at Space Camp!

What was your worst vacation?

I once had a pretty doomed trip to Rosarito, Mexico with some friends.  The trip was very rainy and the cabin we were crashing in leaked really badly. That, plus some unsavory ATM scams and a couple unforeseen arrests made it quite an interesting time.