Through the Lens: PWR BTTM

Mohawk kicked off this week by hosting PWR BTTM, a queer punk band from New York. The group performed a sold out show on Monday, Nov. 3 on the inside stage.

By Kristin Evans

PWR BTTM is made up of Ben Hopkins, who primarily plays guitar, and Liv Bruce, who primarily plays the drums. Both members take turns singing lead, and also occasionally switch who plays drums and guitar. On tour, Nicholas Cummins plays bass and Lisa Prank and Bellows open up for the band. Over the course of the last year, PWR BTTM has played in Austin 13 times, and assured fans at the show that they will be back. In fact, they have been confirmed to play at SXSW.

On November 9, their touring van was stolen, including most of their instruments. They were able to replace many of the items, and will be able to finish out the tour, but some of their instruments, like Liv’s drum kit, had to be borrowed from a local fan for the Austin show. 

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