ORANGE Asks SXSW: Edison Chair

Much like South by Southwest itself, local rock band Edison Chair, is fully homegrown. Made up of six Austinites, the group has paved its own path as trailblazers in the realm of “vocally driven rock and roll.” On Feb. 27, Edison Chair premiered the music video for their latest single, Se Puede, which features a cinematic look into a high energy arm wrestling duel.

ORANGE sat down with the group for a quick SXSW edition of ORANGE Asks before they get caught up in the festivities of the coming week.

Story by Onaje McDowelle

Photo courtesy of Edison Chair

Photo courtesy of Edison Chair

What’s your weirdest tour experience?

Over the summer we play cover shows at bars in the neighboring Texas cities for some dinero, the weirdest of which being a small bar/microbrewery called Beerfoot down in Galveston. We played there two years ago in June to an audience of three middle-aged local men and no one else. They watched our whole three-hour set and after we finished, they bought us a shit-ton of fireball shots. One of the dudes, Surfer Kelly, offered us free surfing lessons and gave the girls his phone number.

What color is your music?    

Pink and Gold. We like to believe we give off a lot of girl power vibes having two leading ladies.

What is your collective spirit animal?

I don't know about spirit animal but our spirit shirt would look like two girls shooting bald eagle out of a pink bazooka into a treehouse that says "Boys Club."

How is your bedroom decorated?

Our band rents a house down south that most of us live in. We practice in the renovated garage which doubles as Martin's (lead guitar) bedroom. There are Christmas lights, eight guitars, six mics, six amps and monitors, and a drum set, just to name some of the equipment. The backdrop of our practice room is a hand-painted mural including the sinking Titanic, a Quidditch game, a battle between Godzilla and Obi-wan Kenobi, and one big hungry green alien.

What would be your dream collaboration?

Paul McCartney! And if he's not available we'll take Macklemore.

What are you excited about right now?

We are so stoked about our second music video "Sí Se Puede" that premiered last week. Also, we are SXSW official this year, so we are excited to meet and network with all the incredible talent coming to Austin! We play Friday, Mar. 17 at tenOak. Lastly, we are excited to record two singles at Orb Studios to be released later this year with more amazing music videos.