Concert Review: The 1975 at The Moody Theatre

Manchester’s alternative 80’s-inspired band, The 1975, played their first of a two night sold out show run at the Moody Theater Monday evening, touring their sophomore album “I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It.” The virtuoso quartet left the audience excited, walking out among their fellow fans in pure ecstasy.

Story by Hayli Rudolph

Photos by Ravin Rene

The 1975 gifted the audience with their mesmerizing rhythm at 9:00 p.m., opening with their song “The 1975” and seamlessly transitioning into “Love Me.” Lead singer, Matthew Healy, danced around in a manner similar to that of Mick Jagger, occasionally taking a few hits from his cigarette or a sip from his glass of wine, both classic actions praised and expected from their devoted fans.

The band serenaded fans in front of an incredible dream-like light display. Four large screen pillars lined the stage behind the band, with three of the group’s iconic rectangles (emulated after their logo) hanging from the ceiling. The screens changed from city skylines, to water crashing, to solid pink, all in which left viewers in emotional mania.

As the the night progressed, Healy reminisced about the band’s first show outside of Europe in Austin many years ago. With his heartfelt tribute the audience cheered in euphoric gratitude. Healy then took to a more serious topic of our messy society saying, “it seems as though there is some kind of universal lack of compassion.” He then continued to say that every night he and his band create a “liberal utopia,” however it’s not reality. Healy ended his speech saying, “all we can do is love one another.” The band then faded into “Loving Someone” as the stage illuminated the famous LGBTQ rainbow.

The energetic band ended their 24 song set with “The Sound.” The\ venue shook as Healy instructed the crazed crowd to jump to their final verse. The roaring noise soon transitioned into a loud silence as The 1975 left the stage. At 11 p.m. fans shuffled out of the venue, some got in line for the Tuesday show while others raved about the unbelievable set of The 1975.