Spoon Performs Special Show for Record Store Day

For Record Store Day this past Saturday, Austin band Spoon put on a special show for some patrons at End of an Ear Record Store.

Story by Gabrielle Sanchez

Record Store Day often features exclusive tracks, reissues and special versions of albums that can only be found on that day. People all over Austin wait in lines for hours to get a chance to snag coveted records from their favorite artists.

This year, local band Spoon put out a special record that includes a remix of their recent single, “Hot Thoughts," and an exclusive song called “Love Letters,” but there was more for customers to be excited about than just special tracks. If the purchaser managed to grab one of five records that donned a golden crown sticker at End of an Ear Record Store, they would be invited to see Spoon rehearse for their upcoming tour, followed by a meet and greet.

A close friend of mine arrived at End of an Ear at eight in the morning, two hours before the store opened. The store allowed people inside in groups, and when it was her time to come in, she ran toward the stack of Spoon records and snatched one with a golden sticker. Later in the day, she received a call that told her where the rehearsal would take place and that she could bring a plus one. Luckily, she picked me and we set out to a small and private Spoon rehearsal.

Photo courtesy of Zackery Michael

Photo courtesy of Zackery Michael

Walking into Soundcheck Austin felt like walking into Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory after winning the golden ticket. We sat in the foyer and waited patiently to be called back, not knowing what to truly expect. We nervously discussed our days, still in awe that we were lucky enough to experience this. A man came out and guided us to the rehearsal space where the band members set up and prepared to play for us.

Lead singer Britt Daniels opened the rehearsal with requests, asking us what we would like to hear. Spoon played five songs, some old and some new, starting off with “Inside Out,” then continuing with “Rent I Pay,” “Underdog,” “Can I Sit Next to You,” and ending with “Hot Thoughts.” Since we had front row seats, the entire experience felt personal and surreal. The band members were very relaxed, attended to any of the few mechanical difficulties that arose. It felt as though we were all friends, and there was no need to overdo or put on the rock band act.

Afterwards, all the members came down to take photos and sign items for the group. They also gave each of us one of their favorite records on vinyl. I received a Miles Davis record and my friend got one by The Kinks. As soon as we exited the studio we screamed with joy and could not contain ourselves. After the excitement of the day, all we could think was “thank god for Record Store Day and Spoon.”