Texas Independence Fest: Recap

On April 15, Come and Take It Productions put on yet another brutal Texas Independence Fest at Austin’s own Come and Take It Live (formerly known as Grizzly Hall).

By Alicia Armijo

Metal lovers from across the state came to slam dance and violently mosh to a mix of legendary and up-and-coming local bands, such as Anthrax, Killswitch Engage, the Devil Wears Prada, Oh, Sleeper, Fire From the Gods and many more. This sold out music festival featured a total of 16 bands, who played alternating shows between the venue’s indoor stage and a spacious, constructed outdoor stage. Members from all 16 bands could be found hanging around the festival throughout the day. Their accessibility to hundreds of their fans for photo opportunities and for enjoying the other bands with them lent to a unique feeling of unity among the musicians and music lovers at this packed festival.