Through the Lens: The Orwells

The Orwells are probably as close-knit as a band can get, comprised of two brothers, two cousins and a close friend from Elmhurst, Illinois, making up the rock band that slowly climbed the charts starting six years ago. The Orwells started out at Autumn Records in 2011, but shortly after graduating high school two years later, they were sought after by huge name labels. They decided on Atlantic Records. They started playing festivals as early as 2013, a mere four years after forming. This festival circuit included Lollapalooza, Shaky Knees, Austin City Limits and more.

By Miranda Chiechi

They made their television debut in 2014 on David Letterman playing "Who Needs You," the hit song that would be featured on their sophomore album, “Disgraceland.” “Disgraceland” was released five months later to join the group's initial album that gained them recognition, “Remember When.”

Mario Cuomo's memorable performance on Letterman's stage, sprawled out on the floor and crawling around, is the epitome of the raw performance The Orwells deliver at their live shows. Cuomo along with the rest of the band do their own thing and own it, rocking out during every performance.

They just came out with their third album, “Terrible Human Beings,” in February, playing it for the first time live in Austin Thursday night at Emo's. It didn't take much to get the crowd absolutely wild. Cuomo danced around the stage, flipping his newly dyed black hair and staring at the crowd as he screamed the lyrics on the newest album. It wasn't long before Cuomo dove into the crowd around the fifth song and it only got wilder after that. The Orwells delivered an amazing performance of rock.