Linked: A Take on Meaningful Relationships

Column by Danielle Haberly

Relationships, life connections — we all have them. You and your lover, your mom and her hairdresser, or your roommate and chocolate. These are all important links that should not be overlooked. With the many different kinds of relationships in our lives, it's easy to remain unaware or even take for granted this symbiosis. This column will explore the good and bad connections in our lives.

I place great value in the relationships of my life. I consciously made the decision a long time ago to approach life with a certain perspective: if we cherish the connections we have with others, and build deep meaningful relationships throughout our journey, life will be full of love and joy.

But life isn't like solving a math equation. You can't just add connections, subtract negativity and expect to get bliss.

Sometimes, a relationship can hurt so bad it makes you sick. Other times, it can make you so happy that you can't even think straight. So, when do we offer our whole heart, and when do we guard it?

This bi-weekly expression is the product of my ongoing desire to share relatable content with my generation and give personal insight on meaningful relationships. Please feel free to comment any questions you have about relationships or suggest topics you'd be interested in reading about.

Let the conversation begin!

Next week: why girls continue to stay with their loser boyfriends and vice versa.

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