Six Style Bloggers You Need to Know

ORANGE Style writers Sarah Montgomery and Dahlia Dandashi share tidbits of their favorite fashion and lifestyle blogs.

By Sarah Montgomery and Dahlia Dandashi  

We all love browsing the internet for hours, but sometimes we get bored when nothing new pops up on our seven different tabs. So, here’s a list of fresh and fun bloggers that will inspire some creativity and give you the urge to shop.

Dahlia’s top 3 blogs:

Kenza Zouiten 

Kenza Zouiten — Photo courtesy of Kenza Zouiten's blog

Kenza Zouiten is a 22 year-old Swedish-Moroccan blogger living in Stockholm. Her blog is currently the biggest in Sweden with half a million visitors every week. I found Kenza by looking up international fashion bloggers online. Kenza’s blog is not only about fashion; she also updates it with snippets of her personal life. She talks about her workouts, her travels and adventures with her boyfriend. Kenza makes an effort to share all she can with her readers to create a personal connection. She consistently updates her blog with pictures of her posh and glam lifestyle. As for her style, she sticks to class and clean-cut outfits. Her pieces are always perfectly matched to create a beautiful ensemble.

Ashley Madekwe 

Ashley Madekwe - Photo courtesy of Ashley Madekwe

Ashley Madekwe blogs about fashion and stars on the hit TV show Revenge. She’s from London, but is currently residing in Los Angeles. Her blog has over 35,000 followers.

Ashley’s blog features designer and high-end styles once in a while, but most of her ensembles are casual, making them easier to imitate. Her outfits are usually comprised of boyfriend jeans, stripes, combat boots, red lipstick and a little bit of Chanel. She knows how to put color and flavor into her outfits without looking too relaxed or overdressed. I love that she’s not afraid to mix and match patterns and go the extra mile with unique accessories. Her style is simple yet versatile. Although Ashley’s blog isn’t as interactive and daily as Kenza’s, I love the way she keeps it simple. It’s a blog for the fun and daring fashionistas. At the end of each post, Ashley makes sure to list where her items are from and posts pictures. Her website is visually appealing and can provide quick inspiration for those on the go.

Barefoot Blonde 

Amber Fillerup — Photo courtesy of "Barefoot Blonde"

Amber Fillerup Clark is originally from Mesa, AZ, but is now living in New York City. She is a fulltime blogger, wife and soon-to-be mother.

With perfect blonde hair, amazing legs and long lashes, Amber is the "All-American Girl" bombshell. Amber’s blog, Barefoot Blonde, is my newest blog obsession. I’ve never seen a blog as versatile as Amber’s. Her space in the blogosphere covers everything. She blogs about her travels around the world and gives tips on how to lead a healthy life. If you’re ever looking for a tutorial on how to do a messy braid, but also need an outfit to go with it, then this blog is for you. The fact that she is currently pregnant and is still blogging puts a smile on my face. She even photographs pictures of cute outfits that flatter her baby bump, showing that women can still be fashionable and keep their style while pregnant. Whether it’s food, beauty products, clothing or jewelry, this blog has everything you want to know. Also, Barefoot Blonde is easy to navigate and tons of fun to scroll through.

Sarah’s top three blogs:

A Beautiful Mess

A Beautiful Mess blog

The queens of DIY and lifestyle blogging sisters Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman are my number one favorite bloggers. I started following A Beautiful Mess when I was 15 years old and, since then, these ladies have done it all, from owning a vintage store to publishing books to designing multiple fashion lines. Emma creates yummy original recipes, Elsie has dreamy DIYs, and together they do sister styles. A bonus? They LOVE Austin! I got to meet Elsie in Austin when she toured with her husband's band across the country. These two showed me that you can do what you love and be successful at it. Their new book about home decorating will be coming out this August. This blog is for anyone and everyone. Make way for the new Martha Stewarts.


DesignLoveFest creator Bri Emery models in one of her style shoots with Top Shop. Her blog was first created in 2009 out of her obsession with type and images, and it focuses on the styling and creation of an inspiring life. Photo Courtesy of "DesignLoveFest"

Bri Emery’s fantasy style posts and amazing advice section makes her blog worthy of checking everyday. Based in LA, her bright and colorful personality beams through all of her posts and I can’t help but feel inspired when I read it. Bri is a skilled graphic designer, but her blog features fashion, photography inspiration, recipes, work advice and more. In addition to her blog, she created a workshop called BLOGSHOP for bloggers to learn how to use Photoshop. I follow Bri on Instagram, and I am consistently inspired; her life is always filled with fun workshops and projects (with some amazing style mixed in). If I’m feeling drained from being exposed to too much Pinterest (it can happen!) or am looking to design a cute resume, I always go here first. Her style posts usually consist of collaborations with stores, photographers and stylists, which really set them apart from most bloggers who simply photograph themselves in their own clothes. In addition, her advice column touches on relevant topics, such as “what to bring to your first interview” and “how to make a good impression," which have really helped me transition into adulthood.

The College Prepster

College Prepster blog

According to interviews, Carly Heitlinger started The College Prepster after she failed her accounting class. The blog is an inspiring go-to for any young lady with ambitions, goals and fears about what the future holds. Georgetown alumni Heitlinger offers advice on being a successful person with a Type-A personality. After graduating, she moved to NYC and now posts about everything from New York Fashion Week to her dog, Teddy. I really love this blog, because Heitlinger is real and takes the time to touch on topics like body image and girl drama. She is always featuring some designer’s work, like Kate Spade or Lily Pulitzer, and she also posts secret sales. If you love fashion and want advice on the golden road to NYC, this blog is the right one for you.