Garden in a Bottle: DIY Terrarium

By Ashika Sethi Terrariums are the perfect plant remedy to spice things up in a dreary dorm or apartment. These tiny ecosystems are typically made in glass jars and thrive off room temperature environments. It’s the perfect low-key way to decorate and rejuvenate your college living space. So, green thumbs and garden newbies alike, grab your gloves because it’s about to get herbaceous up in here.

Popular plants include ferns, cacti, and succulents.

Here is a list of all the necessary equipment required to create your terrarium (they are all easily accessible at hardware or gardening stores, such as Lowe’s): A glass container — size doesn’t matter, and it can be open or closed. Potting soil Small pebbles or gravel Activated charcoal Sheet moss Plants such as ferns, cacti or succulents. Knick-knacks

Step One: Lay Down Your Foundation

First, cover the bottom of your glass container with a half-inch to one inch layer of pebbles or gravel. Then spread your activated charcoal around the top of the pebbles, following your potting soil. When you have finished laying down your foundation, it should cover about half of your container.

1. Add 1/2 inch of pebbles

Step Two: Place Your Plants

A good tactic is to start with the biggest plant and work your way down in size. Arrange with spaces in between each plant for the roots to grow properly. You will need an extra layer of potting soil on top to secure the plants. Place a layer of moss on top of the potting soil, which will act as a sponge for the water.

2. Add charcoal or plant aeration rocks

Step Three: Decoration Station

Go crazy with knick-knacks that add a bit of personality and spunk to your tiny garden, but be careful—live animals and critters do not jive well in these small ecosystems.

3. Add moss

3. Add soil

Step Four: Maintenance

Little maintenance is required for terrariums, but try to spray the plants with a spray bottle about two to four times a week. If your ecosystem is in an enclosed container, ensure there is an opening or that the lid is not secured so tightly that the container fogs over.

Et Voila!

Et Voila! Behold your mini-garden and be prepared for lots of compliments. Show us your personalized terrarium by instagramming it and tagging us, @orangemag_style!