A Gladiator’s Style Guide

By Cameron Lang Last month, the popular TV show “Scandal” returned to ABC for its fourth season. Die hard fans, or ‘gladiators,’ across the country rejoiced in discovering where Olivia Pope was — all while being swept away by Pope and Associates’ incredible wardrobes.

The fashion on the show has been the center of so much talk, that a collection based off of Pope’s killer ensembles was designed for The Limited. As incredible as the fashion is on “Scandal,” it can be hard to know what makes these styles so unique. So, here’s how to pull off these incredible looks in real life (even as a college student).

photo courtesy of ABC.

Olivia Pope, played by the lovely Kerry Washington, has an iconic look that captures the ideal businesswoman. The most unique part about Olivia Pope’s wardrobe? Pastels. They look beautiful with Washington’s warm complexion, and are also a way to keep her outfits looking fresh and different from the usual dark colors associated with business attire.

A key part in styling an outfit like Olivia Pope’s is finding a structured piece like a statement blazer, peplum top or well-tailored pair of slacks. Next time you are searching for the perfect outfit to wear to that important interview, channel your inner Pope, and you should be in business!

These cream colored tailored trousers paired with a pastel peplum capture some of the staples of Olivia Pope's wardrobe.

Katie Lowes portrays the always-edgy Quinn Perkins. In Season 3, fans saw Perkins’ character evolve into a darker and more dynamic woman, whose style changed from structured to edgy. Perkins rocks a leather jacket and cigarette boot regularly. This getup is perfect for a night on the town with your girlfriends, and the best part is you probably have a few of her essentials already hanging in your closet!

This leather jacket paired with a dark wash skinny jean is an example of Quinn's edgier look.

The character Abby Whelan is played by the fiery, red-headed Darby Stanchfield. Whelan is the queen of pencil skirts at Pope and Associates and often pairs them with a feminine, blousy top. Aside from skirts, other staples we see in Whelan’s wardrobe are a number of charming sweaters and cardigans. These are perfect pieces for the calm winters here in Austin, Texas.

Whelan is often seen in a variety of interesting prints and patterns that distinguish her look from other women on the show. Whelan’s looks are versatile and a lot of her outfits can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Many of her blouses can be paired with jeans for a more casual, everyday look. Whelan’s outfits can be worn to work, styled for a Thanksgiving dinner or thrown together for a shopping day with some of your friends!

Here we have an example of Abby's feminine office attire with a camel colored pencil skirt and steel blue blouse.

Next time you find yourself fawning over the gladiators’ phenomenal fashion and want to channel your favorite character from “Scandal,” refer back to this guide. Olivia Pope’s look is key for landing the dream job, Perkins’ style is perfect for a night out and the versatility of Whelan’s wardrobe is endless! Share your interpretation of these looks with the ORANGE Style team by mentioning @orangemag_style on Instagram or hashtagging #omagswag on Instagram and Twitter.