Online Shopping You Might Be Missing Out On

By Rachel Rascoe When college life leaves you too busy to shop during normal store hours and your wardrobe subsequently suffers, shift your gaze to the beautiful world of online shopping. This list of eclectic online-only shops caters to many different styles and budgets, and will leave you waiting excitedly for pretty packages to arrive at your mailbox or the front desk of your dorm.

1. Romwe

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Romwe aims to bring clothes “from runway to realway,” which leads to some great, subtle designer-inspired pieces that avoid looking like outright knockoffs. The store currently features a solid amount of eyeball prints — just in time to be spooky in October. Romwe frequently holds 24-hour sales on certain items, so it’s possible to snag a nice dress or top for around $11. Then you can proceed bond with all your internet friends on Tumblr who also bought it.

2. Shop Jeen

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Shop Jeen will fulfill all your cybergirl and vaporwave dreams. Stock up on cotton candy colored cultural references via printed crops tops, T-shirts and leggings. Even if you don’t wear tiny buns on a daily basis, this is your one-stop shop for Internet cool, crazy clubwear and see-through plastic handbags. The site is also reasonably priced and easy to navigate. Take note of the really cute and colorful ponchos, perfect for rainy festival days.

3.Girl Props

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Girl Props provides a fun selection of accessories at crazy low prices. While the Lizzie McGuire-esque website is hard to get around, there are many cheap diamonds in this pink zebra print rough. They have a great selection of designer-inspired and classically shaped sunglasses, perfect for those who are constantly breaking/losing their sunnies and want a backup stockpile of cute shades. Some of their products have really strange photos, which can make the shopping experience a little more fun.

4. The WhitePepper

online shopping- By Rachel Rascoe WhitePepper dresses are more of an investment than some items from the other shops on this list, but they are also adorably floppy and good for everyday use. The British brand provides endless cute versions of the comfortable babydoll silhouette. Lena Dunham is a fan of their chunky boots. WhitePepper offers free worldwide shipping, just in case you needed another reason to treat yo’ self.

5. Oasap

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The shop Oasap, a Chinese fashion brand, possesses many classic pieces at reasonable prices, in addition to some designer-inspired looks. The site also has a nice selection of patterned dresses. Included on the site are convenient shopping categories, like “kimonos” and “matching sets,” so you don’t have to search too hard for that matching crop-top. The most essential category is probably “sexy clubwear.”