Where to Feast, Feast, Feast at Fun Fun Fun Fest

The Vegan Yacht

By Samantha Uzzell

It’s that time of the year again. Another annual Austin Festival is taking over Auditorium Shores. Fun Fun Fun Fest will hit the stages on Nov. 7 through the 9. As thousands crowd into the Austin park with the hopes of jamming out to that next new underground band, a second critical feature of the festival also draws them in — food. Beyond the comedians, artists, poster art and action sports, finding the best place to eat is a top priority for many attendees. Here’s a few vendors to check out at the festival:

Bananarchy The name alone describes what this food truck is all about: bananas and anarchy... but mostly bananas. The Bananarchy food truck is starting to become a local favorite in Austin, but no sweat if you haven’t heard of it. This food truck started out only a few years ago but has received critical acclaim from local sources, like the Daytripper, and it has been voted as the best dessert spot on Citysearch. They specialize in frozen, hand-dipped bananas rolled in a topping of your choice — or if you’re feeling the anarchy, you can try one of their specialty dipped bananas.

Because most of the menu features items that cost less than $5, Bananarchy will not put a dent in your wallet. A basic custom halfsie (half a banana) will go for $2.75, while a basic custom wholesie (whole banana) runs for $3.75. And for $7.50 you can try “The GOB,” which consists of two whole bananas stuck together, double-dipped in chocolate with extra nuts. I love to be the one to say that you’ll go “bananas” over Bananarchy.

Did I mention that they compost their banana peels?

Cazamance The name. Think of it. Let it sit.

Now, do you think you know what this food truck sells? Probably not, but that should not stop you from checking it out. Cazamance is an African-inspired food truck, pulling flavors and dishes from all over the African continent, France, New York, and Austin. Serving anything from gourmet meatballs to vegan dishes to $2 African tacos, this food truck is worth a stop if you’re looking for some new flavors.

The Vegan Yacht

The Vegan Yacht As tantalizing as it sounds, the Vegan Yacht is not a large, fancy boat stocked with dairy, egg, and meat-free food. The vegan food truck has become pretty popular in Austin, because it uses cruelty-free and non-GMO ingredients. The Vegan Yacht strives to be 100% organic, with little to no salt in each dish. The chefs never use a microwave or fryer, and they only cook with distilled water — just because they love healthy and safe food that much. Try their freeto burrito or mock chik’n wraps at the festival.

Burro Cheese Kitchen Do you like cheese? Do you like bread? Do you like artesian cheese that has been grilled with gourmet bread and complemented with homemade sauces? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then Burro Cheese Kitchen should be on your radar. Although this food truck seems like a dream for the gourmet grilled cheese lover in all of us, the restaurant became a reality in 2013 as the brainchild of Justin Burrow. Named after Balkin burro cheese, the finest and most expensive cheese produced worldwide, food here is certainly inspired by the best.

Try The O.G. on King’s Hawaiian Bread for $7, the Via 206 on Sourdough for $8, or the Waylon & Willie for $10. (Hey, that’s one sandwich for each day of the fest.)

Frank OK guys, let’s be frank here, you’re looking for a place to eat sausage and drink beer. Well, frankly, I think you’ve found it. Frank is a sit-down restaurant on 4th & Colorado, but for Fun Fun Fun and Judas Priest their food truck has a special selection... Frank has come up with, not one, not two, but three dogs to honor the rock band and all its glory. The Green Manalishi for $9 and the Screaming Vengeance for $9 and the Ripper for $7.

Skull & Cakebones No, this place will not sell you bones, nor do their cakes have bones in them, but this adorable food truck does sell delicious, sweetly decorated vegan cupcakes. Owned by Sascha Biesi and Yauss Berenji, this truck began when a concerned mother wanted her daughter to enjoy the joys of food without her allergies kicking in. With names like Dirty Chai, John Lemmon, and Mutha Fudga, these cupcakes are sure to tickle your taste buds and your funny bone.

Tiff's Treats

Tiff’s Treats Started in 1999 by two UT Alum, Leon Chen and Tiffany Taylor, Tiff’s Treats has grown to 15 stores throughout Austin, Dallas and Houston. With cookies galore, this food truck is a “must-go” if you’ve never had Tiff’s Treats before. For real. Just do it.

Whole Foods That’s right. Whole Foods Market is packing up their organic, vegan-friendly and healthy goodies to serve the people at the festival. Fun Fun Fun just got fresh fresh fresh with these masters of clean food in attendance.

If this list does not satisfy your mental taste buds, feel free to check out the Fun Fun Fun Fest website to get a full list of vendors. Also, remember that this festival lasts for three days, so you will have time to eat everything on this list (and more).