New App Hooks Students On Campus Deals

From checking the bus schedule to swiping right for your next date, mobile apps are making many aspects of our lives seemingly easier. Although some are designed for purely entertainment purposes, others can help us save time and money. With 25,000 downloads within the past year, Hooked has earned a spot as one of top apps among University of Texas at Austin students. Offering real-time deals from restaurants around campus, it comes as no surprise that students love Hooked. By Madison Hamilton


How Hooked Works:

Like many apps, you can sign up for Hooked via your Facebook or email account. After signing up, which is completely free, you’ll see different “Hooks” on the display page. Hooks are simply short-term deals from restaurants and cafes around campus. For example, from noon to 3 p.m., Pita Pit will be offering a buy one get one free pita. Once you arrive, you simply press the “Get Hooked” button and show it to the cashier or server to redeem your deal.

The Pros:

1. Save Money.

Because what college students doesn’t like saving a few bucks on food?

2. Save Time.

Trying to decide where to go for lunch can be a difficult time-consuming task, especially within big groups. With Hooked, you can see all the deals within walking distance, which narrows down your choices and saves you time and money.

3. Accessibility.

Unlike apps that require a credit card number and a page of lengthy conditions, Hooked is completely free and straightforward.

4. No Risk.

There are no repercussions for not using Hooked after downloading the app. If you don’t like the deals then don’t click on them. (Hooked won’t delete your account or badger you with emails.)

5. Design.

Design is a make-or-break for mobile apps. There are hundreds of dating apps, but the accessibility and design of Tinder is what makes it so popular. Aimed toward technologically capable college students, Hooked is both sleek and easy to use.