Headliner-Inspired Style

The first weekend of Austin City Limits Music Festival may now feel like a distant memory, but weekend two is fast approaching. While the three days will fly by, don’t worry—the cute Instagrams will last forever. If your outfit lineup is lacking, listen to your favorite artists on Spotify and cop their style at these local Austin stores.

Story by Caitlin Phan

Photos by Miranda Chiechi

Drake/The Weeknd, Collective Status

Abel Tesfaye, better known as the Weeknd, has a low-profile style that suits his low-key  personality. Tesfaye’s style has never been flashy or extravagant and it doesn’t need to be for him to make a statement. Have you seen that hair? He almost always dresses in black, wears the coolest sneakers and has an extensive jacket collection, which girlfriend Bella Hadid tends to borrow from him liberally.

Tesfaye’s style is pretty accessible. A t-shirt, black jeans and a jacket seem to be his go-to pieces, most of which you probably have in your closet already. Understated, all-black outfits are fail-safe. Throw on a jacket when Austin finally starts to cool down and don’t be afraid of acid-washed denim or camouflage. To emulate Tesfaye’s style, avoid large, visible labels and bright colors. Unfortunately for us, his vocal chops are not for sale.

If you’re reading this, it’s not too late to catch Drake at weekend two, and it’s never too late to dress like him.The best way to describe Drake’s style is upscale athleisure. He dabbles in high fashion and wears indie designers, but he loves his standard sweats and varsity jackets, too. His aesthetic may seem unattainable, but anyone can snag their own version of his look.

If you’re feeling inspired by Drake, your tattered, ten-year-old sweats aren’t going to cut it. Look for clean-cut jogging pants and sweatshirts in darker hues, if not all black. Varsity jackets are a little tricky to pull off when you’re not on a football team or an Insta-famous male style icon, so don’t go digging up your high school letterman. Keep the rest of your outfit simple, and let the varsity jacket be your focal point. No marching band patches, please.

If you’re looking to catch the attention of a tennis superstar or an international model like Hadid, head downtown and stop by Collective Status on Sixth Street.. The boutique carries a variety of cool brands and styles, from casual to high street. Venture up the stairs if you’re looking for fewer labels, nicer basics and more upscale brands.

Hozier, Service Menswear

Andrew Hozier-Byrne’s style is thoroughly unfussy and slightly rugged. Hozier’s wardrobe seems to be made up exclusively of plaid, flannel and denim, making him seem to have perpetually just gotten back from a weekend in the mountains with his longtime girlfriend and his dog. He layers muted pieces with the occasional buffalo plaid, and has mastered the art of the mussed look.

So, you want to dress like Hozier? I have two words for you: layer up. With winter on its way, the layered look is timely. Pile on those close-fitting shirts, but make sure they aren’t too tight to avoid heading into One Direction territory. Add sweaters and jackets into the mix, weather permitting. Stick to classic boots and sneakers since Hozier is not a Yeezy Boost kind of guy. If you find yourself wandering around South Congress, pay a visit to Service Menswear. They stock plenty of plaids and denim as well as solid basics. Their stylish, neutral options will complete your Hozier-inspired look.


Florence + The Machine, The Gypsy Wagon

Florence Welch embodies the quintessential hippie-goddess style. Her look is bohemian without being too “Free People” and feminine without being too precious. Her flowy, floral pieces are anchored by her tomboyish charm. Welch can pull off a pantsuit just as easily as a frilly frock and has a knack for layering both long and dainty necklaces aike. Her ‘70s aesthetic especially resonates with the fashion world since these retro styles are trending again.

Welch’s carefree, bohemian style is all about ease, so steer clear from anything too close-fitting or restrictive. Welch likes her floppy hats and structured hats equally, leaving room for experimentation with accessories. Stick to darker neutrals like brown and black. The Gypsy Wagon on South Congress is a good pick if you want to dress more like Welch. You’re sure to find bright prints, loose silhouettes and unique accessories, but the store stocks lighter neutrals and earthtones as well.


Alabama Shakes, Solid Gold

Brittany Howard, frontwoman of the soulful rock band Alabama Shakes, wears loud prints that match her powerhouse voice. She’s almost exclusively seen in dresses of varying silhouettes and styles. Her style is one-of-a-kind and errs on the more retro side. Who else have you seen walking around lately rocking a dress with a cape attached to it? Howard’s accessory choices aren’t cookie-cutter either, reflected in her pairing of earrings bearing Prince’s likeness and a printed sleeveless dress her performance on Saturday Night Live in March. Howard’s style is unpredictable in the best way and eccentric, with some polka dot dresses and peter pan collars here and there.

Solid Gold is a good place to shop if you’re not feeling motivated to go thrifting for interesting vintage pieces. They stock dresses handmade in Mexico and reversible options, as well as indie brands you probably haven’t heard of yet. Their selection of bright, patterned dresses would fit Howard’s style to the highest degree.

Halsey, Hoiden Supply Co.

At first glance Halsey’s style may seem a little bit eclectic, but don’t let the spontaneity of her ever-changing hairstyles distract you from her simpler aesthetic. Halsey, real name Ashley Frangipane, has a style that’s not too far out there but still fits the bill of an indie popstar. She likes her skater skirts and crop tops, but adores overalls too. She’s a minimalist, save the occasional statement piece like a holographic jacket or a smiley face kimono. Her monochromatic wardrobe allows her to pull off some crazy hair colors—she’s worn a blue wig and dyed her hair blue and pink to match her “Badlands” album cover. Halsey knows how to balance her style, letting her standout pieces do the talking rather than letting her pieces and her hair compete.

If you’re feeling inspired by Halsey, stop by Hoiden Supply Co. on South Lamar. Their pieces will help you build the foundation of your wardrobe while still adding interest and edge and they aren’t lacking in monochromatic pieces and bold accessories, like silk scarves that do double duty as works of art and handbags that you won’t find at Michael Kors. Their well-curated selection of overalls, graphic tees and popstar sunglasses would not feel out of place in Halsey’s closet.

Make the most of your ACL weekend two wardrobe by channeling your inner-headliner style. Weekend two may only be three days of your life, but even when the tourists leave and the Uber surge prices fall, your weekend’s outfits will be on social media for years to come.