Local Boutiques to Spruce Up Your Space

Austin is a treasure trove of local vendors, especially when you’re looking to primp a new place. From fashion boutiques to antique shops, it’s easy to find little accents to make your college living space feel more like home. Here are six novel Austin boutiques to help you keep your place weird and stylish.

Story By Nikki LaSalla

Photos by Maddy Hill

Attention-Grabbing Home DecorLuxe Apothetique    

When first walking into Luxe Apothetique, you’re hit with an array of bold and colorful products, complete with everything from apparel to beauty products. The boutique sells printed dresses, designer handbags and even has an upscale salon in the back of the Domain location. What really stands out is their selection of home decor, especially the touches of Austin-related decor scattered among the bold pieces in the store. Throughout the shop are Austin-themed towels, tumblers and coasters with pictures from scenic Austin locations that can add that touch of Texas to a home. One of the most original items, however, are the hand embroidered pillows with famous Austin locations and events sewn in vibrant colors on the front including everything from Waterloo to Austin City Limits.

Pottery — Take Heart

Take Heart is a boutique with an earthy, vintage vibe. The shop is owned by a mom and daughter duo, whose personalities make the shop feel friendly and open. Take Heart displays unique small pots that are the perfect size for succulents or beauty supplies, and can add an earthy feel to your space. Since every piece of pottery is handmade, some are more decorative, with intricate turquoise designs, while others are more modern with a sleeker look. No matter which you pick, you can take you piece home knowing that its one-of-a-kind nature will add a special touch to your place.

Fall Decor — Gypsy Wagon

Gypsy Wagon is a haven for those who love boho-chic style, providing an abundance of greenery, tapestries and decorative books that will help add a hippie touch to any room. The store itself is earthy, with branches to hang scarves and bags from. It maintains a homey vibe that lets customers shop for a unique piece of bohemian decor, while providing a relaxing space to contrast the bustle on South Congress. For fall, there is a display featuring velvet pumpkins dressed up in all different colors and sizes. This addition will give a unique touch of fall to your space while adding a boho feel to the season itself.

Apothecary — Spartan

If you’re willing to splurge on a few pieces, Spartan is worth checking out. Simple and clean, this shop carries everything — from office supplies, like cute metallic notebooks, to geometric vases and wall hangings. Many of their items have a worldly feel that is also reflected in the shop’s interior design. The space includes rustic wood shelving and bright colors that contrast the shop's stark white walls. Along with their home products, the shop also has an apothecary that sells handmade fragrances, soaps and La Tierra Sagrada, a natural haircare line. They also sell Hibiscus and Blood Orange soaking salts and sleek copper or silver encased candles that can serve as decorations to create a more relaxed space.

Wall Ornaments — Uncommon Objects

Uncommon Objects carries almost any antiquity you could think of, from old love letters to strange sculptures that grab shoppers’ attention. This haven of forgotten trinkets is great for those who like to explore a store and find a piece that is perfect for them. The maze of Uncommon Objects gives the shop a mysterious and secluded vibe, always changing as vendors bring new antiques to the store. One of the most interesting displays features jewelry and coin purses tacked to the wall, all of which are perfect for adding a vintage, Marie Antoinette inspired look to your home. Objects here can be pricey, but you will leave with a completely unique, dare we say uncommon, item.

Unique Succulents — Maya Star

Although known for their women’s fashions, Maya Star is also a hidden gem for unique home accessories. Walking into the store underneath a hot pink awning and giant star, you wouldn’t expect to find the collection of home accessories Maya Star has to offer. For those who want to add the quirky, Austin vibe to their space, Maya Star’s dinosaur succulent holders come in a variety of vibrant colors to match any home. They are modern and funky, adding a small, but significant pop of color to the most drab space. Other items you can find at Maya Star are hanging bulbs with small dog ornaments inside and ring holders shaped like hands.

Whether you are purchasing antiques or bohemian pieces, there’s no shortage of options around Austin to make your space your own. By checking out one of these local boutiques or others not listed, you’re sure to add a taste of Austin and style to your home away from home.