Top 5 Bernie Sanders Outfits

Since the dawn of women’s involvement in American politics, there has long been a disparity in the way the genders are critiqued in the media — both political and otherwise. Often, men’s political accomplishments and accolades are praised or scorned, while women are scrutinized for their fashion and hair choices, their family lives or their attitude. Bottom line: men are taken seriously while women are reduced to their appearance and demeanor.

By Emily Gibson

So, while one particular female democratic candidate has become a style icon in addition to a political firecracker, we couldn’t ignore the male side of the Democratic Party’s election lookbook.

Vermont senator Bernie Sanders has become an unexpected rival for Hillary Clinton in the polls, but he’s also become an unexpected fashion faux. Take a look at Sanders’ most iconic styles as he races to become the Democratic candidate:

1.    Stripes on Stripes

It takes a certain gusto to rock two different stripe patterns. The bold, shocking style is symbolic of Bernie’s political style. Feel the Bern.

2.   The “Marvel Universe” Bernie

Turns out, Bernie Sanders in 1981 looked a bit like he was creating an alias for a Marvel superhero. Read as: don’t make him angry.

3.   No Tie, No Lie

Sometimes, Bernie doesn’t even want to wear a tie. A bold, yet respectable, move, and another reminder that Bernie is a democratic socialist. And we all know democratic socialists do not wear ties.

4.   Hometown Hero Bernie

Bernie Sanders represents Vermont, so sometimes he has a little hometown pride and reps “The Green Mountain State.” Though it may appear a simple baseball cap, it represents more: Bernie will not forget his roots as he ascends to the Oval Office. How humble!

5.   This Jacket

This jacket Bernie sported in 1981 after celebrating his first mayoral victory just looks really comfortable — I wish I could get my hands on one. It looks like the perfect balance between comfort and style. If there was ever a look that described Bernie’s personality, it's both practical and daring.