Non-Offensive Costumes to Try This Halloween

Choosing a Halloween costume is difficult.

And unfortunately, when people are busy deciding how funny, sexy and/or scary their costume should be, they often forget to check one basic thing: racial sensitivity.

People tend to break out the sexy Native American costumes, fortune teller get-up and blackface. 

But you can go ahead and rip up that costume that turns an entire group of people into nothing more than a stereotype, because we have picked out 10 costumes that you can wear without being insensitive. They're relatively cheap, easy to buy or make and, best of all, they don't reinforce negative stereotypes. 

Story by Mikaila Rushing


Work through the night to protect your nuts and scare small children with this ridiculous and slightly creepy costume. Walking around the UT campus and Austin area dressed as an overgrown and over enthusiastic squirrel with a fluffy tail is the perfect way to spend your Halloween night.


You could walk around wearing a costume that’s an insult to human decency, or you could walk around wearing a costume that’s an insult to silverware. Speaking frankly, I don’t think the silverware will mind as much. Besides, everyone and anyone can look great in a spoon costume.



Anyone can work a costume dedicated to this kick-ass Lady from "Game of Thrones." Just square your shoulders, take no nonsense from anybody and enjoy the regality that comes with the costume.


MAN on a flamingo

There’s nothing better than a delightfully awkward costume. All you need for this one is to lower your self-esteem to practically zero and a safari hat. The costume itself does the rest of the talking. You can spend your evening stalking the streets in a costume where the flamingo’s face mirrors the response of everyone you will see Halloween night.

dunkin' donuts

Everyone needs a bit more cheesiness in their lives, and this is the perfect costume for that. It’s a cheap pun that will make your friends groan, scratch their head and then laugh awkwardly when you have to explain it to them. What better way to enjoy the night?


A perfect costume that speaks for itself. All you need is a couple of balloons, some tights, a purple shirt and a "regretting-all-your-life-choices" expression. It’s simple, and it’s effective. Not to mention you could play a rousing game of "keep your jerk friends and snotty kids from popping all your grapes until midnight."

a flamingo

If you want to be an animal, but the squirrel is just a bit too much for you, then this costume is the perfect option. The best part about it is that the body of the costume is black. So in the pitch darkness of night, you will look like a giant and terrifying flamingo walking around with a human face. You’ll have one of the scariest costumes out there.

a loofa

If you’ve been thinking, "Well that’s great, but I want something sexy," then this costume is for you! It’s short and cute, and guys: it will make your legs look great. Walking around in poofy material all night with your own personal handle sounds pretty fun.

your favorite character from x

This particular costume uses "Game of Thrones," but really, it’s so simple you could substitute any show you prefer nowadays. Do you like "The Walking Dead"? A favorite character is dead. "American Horror Story"? Almost definitely dead. That rip off "American Horror Story" show that tries to be funny but isn’t (sounds like "holler princesses")? Probably dead. It’s the perfect way to torment anyone who hasn't seen the latest episodes on Halloween night.


A horribly cheesy pun with an aesthetically pleasing costume —what better combination is there? And all you need is some scraps of fabric (bedsheets should work fine) and the yellow belt. Simple and effective — a perfect way to have a fun Halloween without turning to stereotypes.

*bonus* anything else

If you look at a costume and ask, “Is this a caricature of a marginalized culture?” then know that it’s time to walk away. You can choose from any number of costumes without encouraging the dehumanization of certain groups, and you can have plenty of fun while doing it! Just get out there, be willing to look and be careful not to lose your cultural sensitivity in the Halloween spirit.