ORANGE Music Roundup: Best Musicians' Twitter Accounts

Direct audience interaction is everything for musicians. Long gone are the days when publicists would tidily get important updates to the public and let the artists focus on making music — now, if artists don’t show a marked interest in their fans, the fans will invest their time and money elsewhere. Twitter is one of the best platforms for establishing relationships with fans, and these artists have mastered the art of the game.


Lil B. The Based God. He controls what is arguably the best Twitter of all time and inarguably the most #based. Music writing isn’t usually much for statistics, but let me drop some numbers on you: 146,000 tweets. 1,190,000 followers. Astonishingly, he follows 1,300,000 Twitter users. For everyone else, his based thumbs have bestowed favorites upon nearly 1 million tweets — but the numbers don’t do his widespread online #influence justice. He regularly passes judgement on athletes and politicians, placing and lifting curses that hold true with surprising strength. He hasn’t been wrong yet, just saying. #tybg

Armando — James Ferraro (@LIL_ICEBUNNY)

James Ferraro’s music uses conventional sounds, but warps them into something original and creative. That’s basically how I would describe his Twitter.  In between the standard “buy my album, listen to this track” pandering that every artist does, Ferraro injects some true flashes of brilliance.  These tweets make no sense, but yet, they do at the same time.  They’re hilarious, and they don’t feel like Ferraro is trying too hard to join “Weird Twitter.”  He’s afraid to tweet what’s on his mind, and his Twitter feels like an accurate portrait of his consciousness.  Each tweet strangely works in conjunction with the rest, just like his music.

Amy — Judah and the Lion (@judahandthelion)

What happens when you let four twenty-something musicians run their own Twitter account? Utter mayhem. This “folk hop” band is known for being hilarious. Not only do they have a song devoted to explaining how they’re “just a bunch of kids”, their album is called “Kids These Days”. They cover songs like “Play that Funky Music” and “Lose Yourself”, and bring the same silliness to their live performances as they do to their Twitter account. From ideas of a Chipotle/Chick-fil-A hybrid restaurant to jokingly claiming that their newly verified account is actually fake, Judah and the Lion are the guys you wish you could be best friends with. They’ll be playing here in March for SXSW, but in the meantime, you can keep up with the craziness here.

Ignacio — The Word Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die (@twiabp)

The emo revival’s Drake, TWIABP is a fantastic band — but similar to the Champagne Papi himself, they’re also kind of a meme. A band whose merch includes a singular plastic spoon emblazoned with their ridiculously long name, The World Is… create such a disparity between their emo, ambient sound and ridiculous online presence that it borders on total identity crisis.  Their Twitter account however, gives a glimpse into the inner workings of the band’s mind . Sardonic and self-aware almost to a fault, TWIABP’s Twitter presence is a perfect window into the mentality and attitude of an emo band in 2015.


I didn’t want to do this. I fought so hard not to grant RiFF RAFF this concession. But dammit, his Twitter is just too absurd to ignore. It strikes the perfect balance between establishing character (“MY MAiN GOAL iS TO BLOW UP AND ACT LiKE i DONT KNOW NOBODY,” his bio defiantly reads), life advice (“MAKE SURE TO LOOK AT YOURSELF iN THE MiRROR EVERY MORNiNG AND TELL YOURSELF TO BE HUNGRY FOR SUCCESS AND NOT THiRSTY FOR FAME”) and fan interaction (he retweeted hundreds of fans who dressed as him for Halloween). Be warned, though: comprehending RiFF’s twitter requires a completely new vocabulary. From now on, thou shalt deem all cool things “Versace.” (P.S. Thanks for the follow over the summer.)