5 Grammy Moments You Can Pretend You Watched

By Emily Gibson & Lauren L’Amie

After Sunday’s Grammy awards, pop culture junkies are enthusiastically recanting the three-hour concert — er, award show. If you didn’t catch the show, it’s understandable. To make it easy for you, ORANGE has compiled a list of important moments to talk about so you can fool your friends into thinking you watched the entire thing.

5. Paul McCartney being camera-shy

Though the former Beatle spent years in the spotlight, he got embarrassed when a camera caught him dancing to the 1975 (the year, not the band) hit song “Evil Woman” and immediately sat down. The adorable moment was caught on tape and resulted in a chorus of “awh”s throughout America.

How to talk about this moment: Be sure to talk about Sir Paul McCartney as if he is an adorable puppy who was running fast to catch a toy and bumped head-first into the wall.

4. Did you "Sia" Kristen Wiig?

Sia’s tiny counterpart, 12-year-old Maddie Ziegler, took to the Grammys stage joined by an unexpected guest in a matching platinum blonde wig: former SNL star Kristen Wiig. The performance was an artistic interpretation of the music video that blew up last May.

Sia herself faced the back of the stage, belting out the popular hit (which, some argue, was snubbed when it lost to Pharrell's “Happy.”)

It was one thing staring in awe at Ziegler’s freaky flexibility, but add Kristin Wiig in a matching nude leotard and we’re hooked. Looks like Wiig has come a long way from her glory days as Triangle Sally.

How to talk about this moment: Comment on how refreshing it is to see Kristen Wiig being so versatile. I mean, she was so funny on SNL, but seemed to take herself — and her dance moves — pretty seriously at the Grammys.

3. Madonna was kind of, a little bit, creepy

Madonna is almost on the same level as that one respected dude who was in some of your classes and he was cool — don’t get me wrong — but now he just kind of hangs around all the time even though he graduated. It’s a little weird. Especially when he brings out those leather suits and suspenders, am I right?

Her performance looked like it was co-authored by the likes of Ryan Murphy (of American Horror Story fame) and Lady Gaga. It included a cluster of minotaur outfits, jewels and awkward dancing that ended with Madonna being whisked away, leaving the audience beneath her. Was I the only one who hoped she would just keep going...forever?

How to talk about this moment: As if you’re talking to a friend about a mutual friend. Stick your toes in and test the water. Do the other people love said friend? Then yeah, they must be the best. Do people think they’re lame and overrated? YEAH SO DO YOU, TOTALLY.

2. Sam Smith won everything

If you had somehow managed to avoid hearing this English-singer’s soulful serenade on the radio before the show, you were definitely familiar with him by the end of it. The “Stay With Me” singer took home four Grammys, including Record of the Year, Song of the Year and Best New Artist.

How to talk about this topic: Just don't. Turn on any radio station and listen to the slow notes of "Stay With Me," since it is probably playing.

1. Kanye let Beck finish

Even Beck — who looks surprised 100 percent of the time because that’s just his face — appeared shocked when his name was called for Album of the Year over Beyonce’s self-titled. Then, bringing back memories of the Taylor Swift incident at the 2009 VMAs, Kanye West leapt up onto the Grammy stage. But unlike before, West only reached for the microphone before turning back and letting Beck give his acceptance speech.

The best reaction to Kanye's stage rush was Queen Bey herself and Jay-Z watching in horror before laughing at the prank.  

After the show, ‘Ye stated that Beck “needs to respect artistry” and should have given the award to Beyonce.  He later clarified that he likes Beck, but thinks the Grammys are unfair.

Beck agreed with the rapper that Beyonce should have won, but said you “can’t please everybody.” And despite the incident, the alt-rocker still thinks Kanye is “genius.”

How to talk about this topic: Carefully, and with vague words. Are you talking to a person who bought an actual, physical copy (preferably on vinyl) of  “Morning Phase”? Then duh, Beck is a true artist — I mean, the guy plays like a million instruments. Grammy = deserved.

Or if you’re talking to a Beyonce fan, then who even is Beck? That dinosaur musician should not have won by any means against Queen Bey — what a farce!