ORANGE Critiques Red Carpet Styles

During the 87th Academy Awards many celebrities played it safe in classic silhouettes, true cuts and subdued colors, but that doesn’t mean the red carpet was anything short of glamorous. ORANGE Style staff members pick their favorite and least favorite looks of the evening. While the stars worked the carpet in Hollywood wearing carefully designed gowns and tuxes, the ORANGE Style staff sat comfortably in their pajamas and weighed in on Twitter.


Maddy Hill says:

Best Dressed: Margot Robbie

This isn’t the typical Oscars style, but I simply adored Margot Robbie’s red carpet look. I’m always one to choose a classic black dress and love the contrast between the sheerness of the sleeves and the deep V neckline of this Saint Laurent dress. She paired the dress with a perfect statement necklace and complimented the indigo color of the necklace with a bold red lip. With her new long bob, this outfit was a perfect 10.

Worst Dressed: Nicole Kidman

I disliked Nicole Kidman’s dress so much that I live tweeted about it while she presented the Best Foreign Language Film. Not only did the color completely wash her out, but the tacky iridescent color made it look like a costume I would have worn for a high school drill team competition. At least she had her accent to make up for her horrific outfit choice.


Angela Bonilla Says:

Best Dressed: Jennifer Lopez

I loved the dress on J-Lo. She definitely delivered at the Golden Globes, but this outfit tops them all. She reminded me of a princess, and I loved her hair pulled back in a ponytail. The hairstyle really allows you to focus the dress and its details. A+ Jennifer.

Worst Dressed: Kiera Knightly

This dress makes her look big, and I know she is pregnant, but still. There is so much tulle on this dress it weighs her down. The dress reminds me of curtains. At least “Imitation Game” won an award.

Miranda Chiechi says:

Best Dressed: Scarlett Johansson

I typically dislike large necklaces and outfits that match too perfectly, but for some reason adored both on Scarlett Johansson. She pulled off the emerald statement necklace and was a vision in green. The sheer green dress gave off a “Wicked” vibe. Her sleek hairdo topped off the classy look.

Worst Dressed: Blanca Blanco

Blanca Blanco's dress did not cut it. It looks like a confusing combination of fire and flames. Not only did the color combination throw me off, but the texture as well. The dress looks like paper mache with tissue paper bunched at the bottom. The top cut of the dress is also sloppy.

Dahlia Dandashi says:

Best Dressed: Rosamund Pike

Rosamund Pike stole the show for me in Givenchy. She looked unbelievably classy and radiant by pairing her vibrant red dress with nude make up and a simple up do. It was as if real red roses were sewn on to make an elegantly fitted gown. The slit wasn’t too high, the dress wasn’t too long and the strappy red heels were the icing on the cake. Her dress made a bold statement without being over-the-top.

Worst Dressed: Keira Knightley

Though Zendaya almost won first place for worst dressed, Keira Knightley goes home with the gold in Valentino. It looks like she grabbed her grandmother’s vintage shower curtain, blew it up three sizes too big and then wrote over it with a sharpie. The beige color washes out her beautiful, fair complexion, and I think she should have chosen another color for the night. I wish that her dress wasn't so poofy and she could have shown off more of her cute baby bump. I also didn't like the scallop pattern under her breasts that cut the dress into two parts.


Estephanie Gomez says:

Best Dressed: Tie between Jennifer Lopez and Emma Stone

Though Luciana Duvall also wins by default (same dress alert!) J.Lo definitely rocked this nude Elie Saab just a little better. I am just as partial to Elie Saab as I am to Jenny from the Block and was floored when J.Lo graced my television screen. Pairing this Selena-worthy beaded gown with a sleek ponytail and minimal jewelry, J.Lo looked like royalty and stole my heart.

Sorry I’m not sorry that it’s Elie Saab again! Normally, the color of Emma Stone’s dress would have made me gag, however the shine and the beading of this dress complements her skin tone beautifully. She looks absolutely radiant. With an Elie Saab gown, you don’t need a whole lot of makeup or jewelry to make a statement — it’s perfect on its own.

Worst Dressed: Blanca Blanco

This dress looks like a scrapped sketch for one of Katniss Everdeen’s “Girl on Fire” tribute dresses — one that should have stayed in the trash can. It could also pass as a dress seen on the Grammys red carpet circa 2001.


Kyle Cavazos says:

Best Dressed: Eddie Redmayne

No surprise here. This model/actor always makes it on the best dressed list. His Alexander McQueen midnight blue suit is one of his strongest suit games to date, and the black bow tie and shoes prove blue and black work. Now he has the greatest accessory of all: an Oscar.

Worst Dressed: Kevin Hart

Sorry, Kevin. The black lapels on the white tuxedo and the black shirt blend together and doesn't do the white suit justice. The black bowtie is hidden and makes his outfit look collarless. If you're going to wear a white tux, you have to wear it right.


Faroha Khan says:

Best Dressed: Rosamund Pike

Rosamund Pike wore a strapless, slitted red dress as she stunted on the red carpet. Her face appeared gaunt and serious, but the dress softened her look as she shined with confidence and elegance. Paired with a ballerina bun and red stilettos, the Best Actress nominee stood out — just like her performance.

Worst Dressed: Marion Cotillard

Marion Cotillard's dress was a miss. Reminiscent of a bag, the shapeless dress was even more confusing and awkward with the strange black fastener on the back. Even though her hairstyle and accessories were on point, the ghastly dress made these details nearly irrelevant.


Nancy Hernandez says:

Best Dressed: Chrissy Teigen

John Legend may have been the Oscar nominee for Best Original Song, but all eyes were on his wife, Chrissy Teigen. She was dressed in a thigh-high slit Zuhair Murad dress. The icy-blue color complimented her bronzed skin perfectly. And the accessories? Perfect. She added a silver-beaded clutch and dramatic earrings that didn’t take away from the dazzling bodice. Her retro waves and dark lipstick completed this flawless look.

Worst Dressed: Scarlett Johansson

Oh, Scarlett Johansson, there was so much potential with your Versace dress. Why did you have to add that gaudy necklace? While I did love the emerald green tone against her fair complexion, I wasn't feeling the love toward her choice of jewelry. Unfortunately, her outfit mistake reminded me that a statement necklace can either make or break an outfit. The overly-exaggerated necklace looked so awkward combined with the V-cut dress. Maybe Cate Blanchett can giver her some pointers on how to properly rock a necklace for next time?


Rachel Rascoe says:


Best Dressed: Solange Knowles

Solange brought her unique style to the Oscars red carpet rocking an oversized Christian Siriano pants ensemble and a draping cape top with turtleneck. The red outfit looked amazing on Solange, and her bold red lip was a perfect match. Big sister, Queen Bey, admired her look as much as I did, instagramming two pictures of her stunning look captioned with the heart eyes emoji.

Worst Dressed: Felicity Jones

Best Actress nominee Felicity Jones’ overall look was a messy letdown. The custom silver Alexander McQueen dress was certainly large with it’s sweeping skirt, but not very dramatic. The boring color and cut was nothing new or exciting, and her full bangs hairstyle didn’t add any elegance to the ensemble. But, I'm still a fan. "Like Crazy" is a good movie.

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