The 10 People You’ll See on UT’s Snapchat Campus Story

By Lauren Beccue

Ever since Snapchat’s “Campus Story” was introduced at UT, we’ve had access to an addicting stream of updates from classrooms, residence halls, parties and libraries.

These are the 10 Longhorns who are most likely to show up on Snapchat:

1.     The one whose class looks way more fun than yours

You wonder why none of your classes have sing-alongs, spontaneous musical numbers or a professor that makes things explode. Seriously, your professor just showed a PowerPoint today.

2.     The one giving weather updates

Who needs to check their weather app when they have this trusty forecaster? Just in case you were wondering, it’s pretty warm out today.

3.     The one with the adorable pet

Because cat videos never get old. Warning: These snaps will make you miss your dog even more than you already do and possibly inspire you to make an impulsive hedgehog purchase.

Snapchat #4.png

4.     The one who really wants credit for waking up early

They are the unfortunate souls with 8 a.m. classes. They put the time there to make sure you know that they had to get up early. You applaud their determination from the comfort of your bed.

5.     The one pulling an all-nighter

This kid has pile of chemistry notes as they sit in the PCL at 4:30 a.m.They make you feel incredibly unproductive and underachieving. You pity them while also admiring their willpower.

6.     The one who lip-syncs

This person may not have any real vocal talent, but they sure are passionate about those lyrics. Their emotional facial expressions are on point as they belt Sam Smith.

7.     The one who you’re friends with

So, you’re basically a celebrity by association. You’ll tell anyone who will listen, “Hey, that’s my friend!” since you have yet to earn your seven seconds of fame.

8. The one who does not deserve to be there

You sit there — baffled. How did this unoriginal student earn a spot in the sacred UT campus story? They’re not even doing anything entertaining. You resent their unmerited achievement, mainly because you’ve been trying to get on the campus story for months.

9.     The one whose creativity has been justly rewarded

These kids clearly put effort into their snaps, and we all appreciate it. They manage to keep you entertained despite others who might lack their originality.

Snapchat #10.png

10. The one who understands you

You can always relate to this person’s snaps. They share your love of food, Netflix and avoidance of all adult responsibilities.