Spring Business Style Guide

Spring semester is in full swing, meaning networking events and summer internship interviews are right around the corner.  I love sweatpants and oversized t-shirts just as much as the next college student, but it’s safe to assume that shack shirt from last weekend won’t help you nail an interview. Follow these tips to enhance your professional attire, so your resume isn’t the only thing that stands out.

By Nancy Hernandez 
Photos by Yanhuan Ji

For the Girls:                 

White pants, black top, coral blazer, statement necklace, black heels

Every student should have a well-tailored blazer in their closet. Make a statement by pairing a colorful blazer with black and white tones. The coral in this ensemble is perfectly balanced by the black top and white pants. Complete this stylish look with a statement necklace to break up the solid colors. Add a pair of classic black heels. If you’re feeling bold, try a pair of patterned pants.

Patterned dress, black heels, delicate necklace

For a more feminine look that will keep you from sweating on your way to the office, replace your go-to slacks with a dress. For work, we recommend a dress with at least three inch straps that falls just above the knees. You can keep it casual or dress it up with a blazer. Wear 2-to-3 inch black or nude heels and a delicate necklace for a polished look.


Black pants, yellow top, patterned flats, statement jewelry

Once you’ve landed the job, you can try mixing things up. Play around with different styles of slacks, like this must-have pair of black cropped pants. Ditch the blazer and wear a semi-professional blouse, like this yellow top, to add a pop of color. Choose jewelry that compliments the color of your blouse and switch your classic black flats for a patterned pair to spice up your look.

White pants, gingham shirt, navy blazer, black flats

Gingham is a must for this season. Incorporate this pattern into your outfit, but be careful about mixing patterns. Play it safe by pairing this patterned shirt with a solid colored blazer, like this navy blazer, and white pants to create an effortless business-casual ensemble.

For the Guys:

Business 1.2.jpg

Black pants, black blazer, pastel dress shirt, brown shoes, black tie

Nothing says spring and summer like bright colors and pastels. For your next networking event, replace your boring white button down with a pastel dress shirt. If you’re feeling bold, you can experiment with brighter tones. The black fitted slacks, tie and blazer keep this look professional, but the subtle color will add a unique flare to your ensemble.

Black slacks, patterned dress shirt, brown shoes

If you’re looking for a more relaxed approach to your summer work wardrobe, pair a nice pair of black slacks with a patterned dress shirt. Florals aren’t just for the ladies. This outfit is more casual, but is still work appropriate for offices that are more laid back. You can throw on a blazer to dress up this look, or choose to leave it behind. Complete this look by sporting a pair of brown Oxfords.