10 Signs It's Hell Week

By Karla Pulido 

Days are dwindling toward the end of the semester just as fast as students are downing shots of espresso. ICMYI, ORANGE compiled the ultimate list of signs indicating that it’s “hell week.”

10. No open power outlets at the library

The Hunger Games is in full swing, and students prey on tables with outlets available. As soon as people start packing up, others attack for the real estate.


*PRO TIP: Bring a surge protector with you when studying. You’ll become everyone’s best friend.

9. Your backpack looks like a mini Office Depot

Right before you turn in the big paper you spent three days working on, you realize you forgot to staple it together – good think you have a stapler stuffed in your backpack, along with an extra pack of staples in case anyone else needs to use it. You’ve also got paper clips, rubber bands, and millions of pens. You have to be prepared for anything during finals week, you never know when you’re going to have to hide out in the library, and you definitely don’t want to be on the hunt for a writing utensil.

8. Laundry is far from your radar of responsibilities

Your last pair of mismatched socks will on your feet for a week — neon cheetah and blue stripes is the hell week trend. Pajamas are no longer a concept since you sleep in the clothes you just wore, and will continue to wear the clothes you just slept in. The cycle goes on.

7. Sleeping is a fantasy

It’s hard to balance sleeping with a schedule full of homework and studying, but power naps are keeping you sane. Getting more than two hours of sleep? You’re probably forgetting about an assignment that’s due.

6. Your bandwidth runs out in one sitting

Whether you’re using it for studying or for watching #KylieJennerChallenge fail videos, your wi-fi bandwidth on campus runs out after a day. Every semester you tell yourself to ration it once hell week rolls around, but it’s easy to run out when the Internet is both necessary and distracting.

5. The people at Wendy’s learn your go-to order

It’s convenient to go to any fast food place near your favorite studying spot. The later they’re open, the better. Every time you go, you consider wearing some sort of disguise to avoid the knowing look in their eyes as they ring you up for chicken nuggets… Again. The silver lining to employees learning your order? You can get back to studying quicker.

4. Energy drinks > Water

The jitters are not normal, but you’ll do anything to pull you through an all-nighter. Hell week is the perfect excuse to buy a plethora of Red Bulls, regardless of how expensive it is, because you know they’ll be put to good use.

3. You stay on campus for 24 hours — or more.

Between studying at the library, grabbing grub and classes, your hours on campus are reaching an all-time high. If you’re with friends, you’ll likely take turns napping, adding even more hours to the hell week timesheet.

2. Printers become the bane of your existence.

Murphy’s Law of Printers: The more important your paper, the more likely your printer will run out of ink.  You’ve pushed your printer just one Google Doc too many and now you’re paying for it — in the form on on-campus printing.

1. You consider dropping out.

Is college even worth it? Are you even learning anything here? So many successful people didn’t have a degree…