When Do You Feel Most Beautiful?

Editor's Note: This story appeared in the December 2015 ORANGE Issue IV. 

This past year has seen its fair share of beauty trends, from clown con- touring to crescent moon eyebrows, but in our opinion the best look will forever be a natural one.


I feel the most beautiful with the sun shining on my face and wind in my hair. Mix that with some great music, a bikini and my favorite jewelry and I’m exactly who I want to be. Whether it’s driving down Highway 290 on a lazy Sunday afternoon or walking along the beach with the waves kissing my ankles, I feel most beautiful on a sunny day.





I feel most beautiful when I’m completely natural and casual. I’ll be wearing absolutely no makeup with my unruly curls in a messy bun with my glasses, favorite worn out tee and high-top black converse. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE dressing up, but it’s so refreshing to go through the day barefaced and in comfortable clothing. By removing the things that keep me from seeing my real self — makeup, fancy clothes, tame hair — I’m able to truly appreciate my own beauty.






I feel most beautiful when I'm with my mother. Being around someone who is confident no matter what makes me feel beautiful. The sort of inner beauty my mother exudes is hard to find. My mother taught me that although outer beauty is the thing people will notice first, it's how you treat people that makes you the most beautiful.







I feel my most beautiful when I’ve had a full-night’s sleep. Anyone who knows me will agree that this is a rarity. After waking from this almost mythical-like slumber, I feel refreshed and unstoppable. My skin always looks clearer and feels softer. Sometimes, there’s even a natural rosy tint to my cheeks — a change from my usual deathly white pallor. I feel like Sleeping Beauty and I think, “This... this is what it feels like to conquer health.”





I feel the most beautiful when I have my glasses on, my hair is in its natural state and I have no makeup on. I can look at myself and I see that natural beauty is best and that I am beautiful. I never saw myself as that when I was younger. I usually feel like this either in the mornings when I'm getting ready or at night before I go to sleep.





I feel the most beautiful when I'm truly being myself. I know it sounds cheesy, but when I'm feeling the most carefree and joyful toward the people I care most about, I see a better version of myself who's most beautiful trait is her kind personality. Whether it's wearing my favorite outfit for date night or singing along to Disney movies in my pajamas, I feel the most beautiful when I can just be me.





I think I feel the most beautiful whenever I'm really happy. I love being in new places where I don't know anyone around me — wheth- er it’s people watching in the middle of New York's High Line or catching the sunrise at Mount Bonnell. The feeling of simplicity and freedom brings me joy. Changing up my everyday scenario makes me feel alive and excited. It's pure bliss.




I feel the most beautiful when I don’t wear makeup, because peo- ple can see my true self without my trying to hide behind the shield that is painted on my face. I love waking up with a fresh, clean, makeup free face, knowing that this is the real me.








I feel the most beautiful when I’m with my best friend. At home during the summer we would go swimming, lay out in the sun, get slushies at Sonic and take pictures of each other with disposable cameras all day. I think I feel the most beautiful with people who I can fully understand and appreciate.




As Laverne Cox’s character Sheena says on “The Mindy Project,” “Confidence comes from amazing outfits and perfect makeup.” She’s not wrong, but I feel the most beautiful and confident when I’m not worried about how I look. I love being too busy and too distracted to give my appearance a second thought.