ORANGE’s Five Favorite Sound on Sound Looks

The debut of Sound on Sound Music Festival is approaching this weekend, and one of the biggest conflicts that rocks festival-goers face is deciding what to wear. On the outskirts of Austin in Sherwood Forest, this music scene will be more remote than Austin City Limits festival, so outfit choices should reflect the intimacy of the venue. The up-and-coming acts that contribute to the lineup tend to attract die-hard fans, so why not create looks that emulate the artists’ aesthetics?

Story by Ethan Elkins



Electronic pop-duo Megan James and Corin Roddick are often seen complimenting each other in black in white. This look can be rather simplistic, so incorporating  pops of color with accessories such as gold jewelry will pair nicely with the ensemble. To truly recreate the style, try wearing  a statement skirt or pants that matches the pink background that the two often pose in front of, as seen on the album cover, Another Eternity.



Jeffery Williams is not afraid of defying gender roles in his clothing choices, which can be seen on the cover of his latest album cover, JEFFERY. Williams stands tall wearing a dress, so any festival-goer could make a distinguished look out of a bold blue dress. The Atlanta-based rapper has also been known to sport denim suits, so any denim on denim combination could also fit the occasion.



Another male-female electronic pop-duo, Josh Carter and Sarah Barthel, chose to name their band after the phantogram optical illusion, in which two-dimensional images look three-dimensional. Slightly on the wilder side, AliExpress has many 3-D illusion shirts to choose from to pay homage to the optical illusion.



The  Texas-native post-rock group has an extraordinarily casual, neutral-colored style. Their look may be difficult to closely emulate, but band members are often seen in flannels, which are a fall staple. Throw on a vintage flannel if the weather permits, and if it warms up throughout the day --as it often does in Austin-- tie it around your waist.



Dream pop duo Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally are often seen in black and white, similar to Purity Ring and Phantogram. However Beach House gives new meaning to the gray scale with eclectic jackets,shirts with polka-dots and recurring patterns. Add some fluff to any look with an embroidered jacket or coat, found at most vintage stores or Urban Outfitters.


Recreated Sound on Sound looks are not limited to these five headliners- take a look at any performer’s aesthetic to pay tribute to your favorite artist.