5 Fall to Winter Transition Pieces

With the unpredictable weather in Austin, it can be difficult to know what climate conditions you’re dressing for. However, there are easy ways to strike the perfect balance between fall and winter fashions.

Story by Kristina Nguyen

ORANGE has compiled a list of five pieces that will help you seamlessly transition from season to season and keep you prepared for any sudden heat waves or dramatic drops in temperature.



When you don’t want to wear tight-fitting pants for the millionth time but hate the cold winter wind, a pair of tights are the way to go. They’re also easy to style because you can choose how thick you want them to be. Wear thick tights for the chilly trek across campus, and sheer ones for a nighttime holiday party. Pair them with a skirt and black boots, or make a statement with a print or pattern. Browse H&M for your perfect pair.  Protip: When your tights start to run, stop the tears with clear nail polish or hairspray.



These boots were made for walking through crunchy autumn leaves or icy grass. Whether you prefer flat heels or a sharp stiletto style, boots are the quintessential winter shoe. Their best quality is their versatility, so whether you’re going for fancy and formal or an everyday look, boots will look good with every outfit. They even work when the weather turns unexpectedly warm, so invest in a reliable pair that’ll last you the whole year. Check out the wide selection over at ASOS.



From Marilyn Monroe to Steve Jobs, the turtleneck has cemented itself as a classic item of clothing. Regardless of your style, it fits into every fashion lover’s closet and works as an excellent layering piece. This season, venture out from the usual black and try out different colors such as a cozy brown or a wine red. No matter how much the temperature drops, you can’t go wrong with a turtleneck from Forever 21.


Long Skirts

When it’s too cold for something short, and you’re looking for an alternative to your worn-out pair of jeans, try on a long skirt for less constraint and a more feminine touch. It also allows for you to fill up on those delicious holiday dinners without showing evidence that you’ve eaten too much. Add a colorful print and a cozy fabric, and you’ve got the perfect winter staple. Head to Zara for your pick of pencil skirts and pleats.


Neck Scarves

This accessory adds unexpected flair to your outfit while serving as functional piece that keeps your neck warm without weighing you down with heavier fabrics. Tie it bandana-style for an Americana look or get inspired by the 90s with something skinny and long. However you wear it, you can say goodbye to grandma’s knitting needles with Etsy shop TotallyScarves.