Fried Food, Free Music and Fun: Forty Acres Fest 2016

At this year’s rodeo-themed Forty Acres Fest, fun and games began in the early afternoon on Saturday, April 2, in front of the University of Texas at Austin tower. If you couldn’t make it to the event, don't worry, ORANGE has you covered.

Story by Hannah McMorris

Photos by Tess Cagle

Dozens of organizations came out to represent their cause, while handing out free merchandise and selling a variety of food, from cheesy nachos to refreshing shaved ice. Not only did students show up for the festivities, but parents, young children, and even prospective high school seniors enjoyed a full day of activities.

College students could relive their childhood by playing on the velcro wall, or bungee jumping on a trampoline. If one was in the mood to relax and bask in the perfect 70 degree weather, a local band, the Mardy Bums, paid an impressive tribute to popular indie rock band, Arctic Monkeys. There was something for every age group to enjoy. However, by 6 p.m., the day-time activities began to wind down and organizations began packing up their booths.

Students and families finished up their fried Oreos and were eager to move on to the next phase of the event. On the stage, flanked by an enormous Texas flag and the UT Tower, UT Senior Jefferson Clay opened for a much awaited band.

Misterwives, known for their cheery indie-pop tunes, graced the stage at 7:30 p.m. Even Round-Up goers left their West Campus events and ran to the Main Mall, anticipating the band’s performance. Misterwives fans standing in the front row could see just beyond the stage to catch a glimpse of lead singer, Mandy Lee. Fans screamed “I love you” only to scream again when Lee returned their exclamations with a smile.

When the Campus Events + Entertainment crew came on stage to finally present Misterwives, screams grew louder. The band ran on stage, and opened with their hit song “Best I Can Do.” The night continued with popular songs like “No Need for Dreaming” and a fan favorite from their debut EP, “Reflections”.

Forty Acres Fest was a jam-packed day full of fried food, community, and good music. There are few things better for college students than free food and a free concert.