#WhatTheBuzz: #IAmNotPresidentBecause

In the midst of a chaotic presidential election, Twitter users are actively engaging in the political process. Citizens continue to voice their support for candidates and their disdain for others as caucuses go on. Pulling up political receipts on social media is a trend that was even predicted back in 2012. Twitter users are quickly utilizing any chance they get to voice their opinions.

Story by Zoya Zia

Politically-interested tweeters took it to the next level with #IAmNotPresidentBecause. Tweeters realized that the position of president comes with a set of guidelines and responsibilities- not everyone has what it takes. The trending hashtag brought a variety of content covering a spectrum of political views.

Some used it to target specific candidates.

Others kept it real and mentioned their need to take care of themselves and do other important things, like reading and napping.

Tweeters also praised their favorite presidents and said that they, nor the current candidates, will ever be able to match up.

More popular tweets pointed out the difficulties of being president and realized that the prestige and power may not be worth it.

And maybe, just maybe there is a little inception to Twitter being part of the political process.