Got It From My Mama: Style Edition

We may not always like to admit when our mothers are right, but it’s hard to deny how style savvy they are. This Mother’s Day, ORANGE Style staff compiled our favorite photos of our original fashion muses: our moms.



My favorite outfit of my mother’s is from the early ‘90s when high-waisted jeans, high socks and feathery hair were all the rage. Her outfit might not be very extravagant, but my mother appreciates simplicity, and I’ve always admired that about her.



My mom had the greatest style in the late ‘90s. She frequently rocked shoulder pads, high-waisted shorts and sunglasses. On Easter, my mom would put on her best dress (a bright pink stunner in this case) and buy me something similar so we could both look absolutely fabulous.



My mother has always been stylish, whether it’s for a special occasion or a casual setting. My favorite outfits that my mother owns are her traditional Indian outfits. She has many beautiful saris and pairs them with fun heels, gold jewelry and light/warm-toned makeup. I admire my mother. I learned about confidence and style from her.



A wise person once said, “like mother like daughter.” This statement could not be more true when it comes to the fashion choices my mother and I make. Our favorite color to wear is white because it is so versatile — it can be paired with any other shade and still look elegant. I love this photo of my mom rocking a sleek white dress in Hawaii because it is simple, yet trendy, and my mom looks beautiful in it.



My mom has always been a source of my fashion inspiration. She has worked at a variety of fashion companies, from Marshall Field’s to Eddie Bauer, and has maintained her sense of style throughout the years. I love her denim on denim look, and I have been fortunate enough to inherit this amazing denim jacket. Shopping is one of my favorite things to do with my mom, because her classic style compliments my minimalistic style, and she always knows exactly what I like.



The denim on denim look took over the 90s, which is seen in this picture of my mom holding me as a child. Now, this trend has officially transcended the decade and is back in style. Funnily enough, I stole one of her denim jackets before moving to Austin, and I still wear it on a regular basis.



From her red hair to her red watch, my mom slayed the all-red monochromatic look in her college days. She loved incorporating miniskirts in her daily outfits to show off her “great legs.” I cannot wait to try to mimic this jaw-dropping outfit. As they say, “be proud of what your mama gave ya,” including style tips.



My mom (pictured on the far right) is just about the greatest person I know. My family constantly tells me I look like my mother’s twin, but I could never compete with this beautiful and effortlessly stylish woman. This picture was taken in the early 90s, but my mom’s outfit, a T-shirt tucked into acid wash jeans with white canvas shoes, wouldn’t look out of place on the streets of Austin today.