Beauty Brands That Won 2017

It’s no secret that some beauty brands on the market have been killing the game lately. But today, achieving this level of success is much more complex than it used to be. 

Story by Reilly Lawrence

Beauty brands have to do it all to keep their name relevant in today’s fast-fashion, trend-obsessed beauty culture. Because the market demands not only a stellar product (in some cases quite literally), but also a unique, socially “woke” voice, brands must constantly update their social media marketing, outreach, political voice, inclusivity and diversity to cater to the modern customer that cares about what they buy into. Luckily, ORANGE Magazine has compiled a list of beauty brands you need to know about to navigate your next trip to Sephora.



Rihanna’s golden touch has done it again. With 40 unique shades of foundation, Fenty Beauty released one of the biggest and most anticipated drops in the industry this year. The cruelty-free products blasted social media with a goal that threw other major players into a manic to respond: include all women. From flawless lip gloss to killer highlighter, Rihanna is out here and she’s taking names.

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Milk Makeup

2017 was an incredible year for Milk Makeup. Driven by the eco-conscious, on-the-go boss who can have their cake and eat it too, Milk products are designed for every aesthetic, gender and sexuality while maintaining a cruelty-free mindset, so customers can feel free to play with their looks without worrying about the preservatives in their makeup. Inclusive since day one, Milk successfully caters to a vibrant audience that cares about ingredients and ignores conformity when it comes to makeup.

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With the launch of “Phase 3” in 2017, Glossier’s millennial cult following went from national to international, literally. The “skin first, makeup second” mantra launched products like Cloud Paint, Wowder and Invisible Shield and officially outgrew the borders of the U.S. this year, expanding into the U.K. Whether it’s makeup, serum, boy brow or perfume, Glossier brags that it has something for everyone, and honestly, where’s the lie?

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As another “young” brand, ColourPop consistently delivers beautiful and affordable shades from daring to neutral, allowing people all over the world to experiment and express themselves through makeup. Fun fact: they operate out of the same factories as Kylie Cosmetics! However, Colourpop distinctly differentiates themselves from the Kardashian craze by pairing up with other popular influencers for collaborations and consistently restocking items that sell out quickly.

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Too Faced

The hype is real when it comes to Too Faced product launches. The brand’s enormous growth this year is a direct result of their cult Instagram following, all-star collaborations with artists like Kat Von D, the creation of the adorably delectable Sweet Peach line and a $1.45 billion contract with Estee Lauder.

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Urban Decay

Urban Decay began as a rebellious maximalist brand and has transformed to deliver an enormous array of products that go from day to night, work to club and every event in between. And as if we weren’t already obsessed with our Naked palettes, Urban Decay’s line of products just keeps reeling us in. Their unique range of products caters to a variety of people, from the all-black leather-studded gal to the soft and sweet princess who wants it all.

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Created by Jen Atkins in 2016, Ouai (pronounced “way”) is a hair-care line praised by A-list celebrities and the beauty community alike. Now found in Sephora stores and retailers all over the world, it’s easy to see why the products are flying off the shelves. Not only do the products smell incredibly sophisticated, their quality gives even the finest hair brands a run for their money. Whether it’s beachy waves or a classic Hollywood curl, Ouai has you covered.

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