Through the Lens: Daniel Caesar

Daniel Caesar performed a sold out show at Come and Take It Live last Thursday night while on tour for his debut album “Freudian.”

By Iris Bilich

The excitement was tangible as fans of Daniel Caesar packed themselves tightly into Come and Take It Live’s small venue. New and old fans of Caesar started lining up hours before doors opened in anticipation for his first performance in Austin.

Caesar’s smooth and soulful R&B captivates all who listen. In the two years since the 22-year-old started releasing music, he has over 30 million streams on streaming sites and loyal fans around the world. As he started his show, Caesar asked the audience to make noise if they had been fans since the beginning. The crowd erupted in screams.

Caesar worked with the packed crowd by making them repeat lyrics until they took charge and sang on their own. It seemed that every audience member that night was there because they were a true fan of his and it was almost as if Caesar knew that as well. He smiled from ear-to-ear throughout the show.