Through the Lens: Fall Fall Fall Fest

Electronic Music duo Lost Kings performed at Fall Fall Fall Fest, a free show put on by Campus Events + Entertainment Headliners, Texas Interfraternity Council and Student Government, on Saturday night.

By Jordan Steyer

CADE, an electronic singer-songwriter and producer, started off the show performing some of his original songs and remixes.

The stage was set up right in the middle of the University of Texas at Austin’s campus, in front of the Tower. The show was advertised on Facebook and around campus, but it attracted people walking by. Despite an initially small crowd, the crowd grew rapidly as Lost Kings continued to play. Campus Events + Entertainment handed out glow sticks and thunder sticks to hype the up the crowd.

Lost Kings opened their set up with grimy remixes of top songs and official remixes for songs by Imagine Dragons, Rihanna and Halsey. Both artists never left a dull moment for the crowd, using smooth transitions to keep everyone dancing while bringing in people walking through campus.