Through the Lens: Hippo Campus

After the much anticipated release of their first full album “Landmark,” Hippo Campus attracted an impressive crowd to one of their first concerts of their fall tour.

By Megan Mayer

Hours before the show, enthusiastic fans lined up along the walls of Mohawk and eagerly awaited Minnesota’s own, Hippo Campus. The musical quartet is known for their indie pop-rock sound and their exceptional lyricism that resonates with music enthusiasts from all over the globe, many of whom gathered on Nov. 3 to witness the band in action.

There is a certain zest that Hippo Campus not only emanates but also instills in the crowd, and that fervor was present in their recent Austin appearance. Fans who were local and from out-of-town filled Mohawk to the brim without taking away from the intimate nature of the venue.

Hippo Campus performed a variety of songs, ranging from old, prized hits to new favorites from both “Landmark” and an even newer EP, “warm glow.” They also dabbled in a cover or two, which spurred the collective excitement of an already lively crowd.

Upon witnessing the reactions of the crowd, there is no doubt that Hippo Campus succeeded in providing a uniquely enjoyable experience. If this concert is any indication, Hippo Campus will continue to rock the souls of fans across the country on their current tour.