What Thanksgiving Food Are You Based on Your Style Preferences?

Keep track of your answer choices, and add them all up at the end to see which Thanksgiving food aligns with your sense of fashion. 

Story by Carly Weiner


It’s Monday morning and time for an 8 a.m. test in that class you’ve been dreading. What outfit are you sporting?

A. You make sure to dress to impress, and who knows? Maybe your pant suit will help you earn that A.

B. You grab your funky leggings and pair them with a crop top and sneakers. You may be a little chilly walking to class, but at least you’ll look fresh while doing it.

C. Just a T-shirt and shorts will do! After all, you are taking a test.

D. You want to be comfortable, so you whip out the sweatpants but pair them with a lacy, silky tank top for fun!


You woke up late for your friend’s birthday brunch and find yourself pressed for time. What do you do?

A. Put on the bright dress and shoes you already laid out. You’ve had this outfit planned since the invite went out.

B. Immediately think of your mom’s old vintage top and pair it with a trendy new denim skirt you just bought.

C. Just throw on a nice top and jeans. You’re scrambled for time and know this outfit always looks good.

D. Grab your chiffon blouse and pair it with a skirt. You may look a little overdressed, but who cares?


You’re going in for an interview for your dream job. What do you wear?

A. Something colorful because you want to stand out.

B. A new, trendy outfit you’ve been dying to wear. It might be a little daring but it will help show off who you are.

C. A simple and professional suit. You want to make sure the interviewers see you as a mature individual who is right for the job.

D. A white blouse and skirt. You always try to show your sweet side.


What item in your closet could you never live without?

A. Your designer sunglasses. They may be extra, but isn’t that what fashion is all about?

B. Your leather jacket. You’ve had it for forever but are always finding new ways to style it.

C. Your favorite pair of jeans. They go with everything, after all.

D. Your black pumps. They dress up any outfit and boost your confidence!


Lastly, how would your friends describe your style?

A. Always on trend and easy to spot in a crowd

B. Innovative and creative

C. Classic and simplistic

D. Girly and fun




Mostly A's: Turkey

Congrats, you’re the star of the show! Your classic style, beauty and charm attracts everyone you meet. You love timeless pieces that show off who you are and love to be the center of attention. You’re always prepared and know just what to wear at every occasion.

Photo courtesy of Air Fryer Deals


Mostly B's: Sweet Potato Casserole with Marshmallows

Your style is unconventional. Most people wouldn’t think to pair the outfits you put together, but you do and somehow it just works! Everyone is amazed by your eye for style and ability to be adventurous while always staying on trend.

Photo courtesy of Serious Eats


Mostly C's: Cranberry Sauce

You’re all about simplicity and know what looks best on your body. You know that some things, like a little black dress, never go out of style, so having a few staple pieces is definitely a priority.

To you, less is more, and this is apparent in your ability to look effortlessly perfect.

Photo courtesy of Pure Wow



Mostly D's: Pumpkin Pie

Your style is sweet as can be. You love pastels, delicates and flowy garments and are never afraid to show your feminine side. Whether you flaunt a pink dress or a light off-the shoulder top, you always look polished and put-together.

Photo courtesy of Epicurious