Five Additions to Your Morning Smoothie

Elevate your smoothie game with these five ingredients and you will never skip breakfast again.

Story by Kendall Abelman

College students are always striving to find a convenient meal. Often times, they rely on fast food to sustain their diets but this food is not always “fast.” Smoothies are the perfect, on-the-go meal and it is possible to feel satisfied after drinking a smoothie.

These five additions will get your morning off to a great start. By adding superfoods to your smoothies, you can explore the variety that you never knew existed.



Collagen is made from bovine hides which are naturally-occurring protein in the bones of cattle, so if you are vegan, you are out of luck. For non-vegans, however, collagen is an unflavored protein that reaps benefits for your hair, skin and nails.

If you are not a fan of chalky protein powders, collagen blends in your smoothie without any taste and has 20 grams of protein per serving. Whether you are craving a berry smoothie or a green smoothie, collagen should become your new mainstay.

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MCT Oil may sound intimidating, but do not let the name scare you. This medium-chain fatty acid is a perfect supplement to a smoothie because it contains essential fats that many do not get very often. As a college student, having a highly balanced meal is hard to come by.

Adding MCT Oil to your smoothie gets you one step closer to “peak” nutrition. This ingredient also boosts energy and metabolism which is a definite win. Morning fuel has never tasted better.

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"Stress, stress and more stress" is widespread among students at the University of Texas at Austin. Ashwaganda is just right for a smoothie because of its stress-relieving abilities. This herbal remedy lowers cortisol, so it is perfect to drink before that test you have been dreading all week. Juice Society, located in Austin, sells Ashwagandha, alongside many other adaptogens. Nothing is greater than instant gratification.

Photo courtesy of Sun Potion



Flax Seeds

Flax seeds are the best way to sneak in fiber and they blend seamlessly into smoothies. These tiny seeds are loaded with nutrients and deserve to be considered the ultimate “superfood.” Buy them in bulk from Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods and they will be sure to last for awhile. If flax isn’t for you, chia seeds are just as good.

Photo courtesy of Bob's Red Mill



Last but certainly not least, avocados are another addition to your smoothie that you cannot neglect. While avocado toast is certainly a viable breakfast, avocados are just as tasty in smoothies. They add an unmatched creaminess while supplying plentiful healthy fats. Add some cocoa powder and you have yourself a chocolate avocado smoothie!

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