Which Austin Coffee Spot Are You?

Good vibes, great coffee, and even better Insta-pics.

Story by Joanne Xu

Photos by Marybeth Schmidt

Spring in Austin is in full swing. The skies are fluctuating between the last spills of winter and the promising buds of spring and midterms are looming around the corner.

Amidst all the chaos, there are surely times when you’re in desperate need of a caffeine boost. When your local Starbucks is overcrowded (so, always) and you need a new coffee spot, ORANGE has you covered. Find out which coffee shop suits you the best with these five spots to try:


The Factory

For the artsy conversationalist:

With its computer-free policy, this quaint little find, situated roughly 15 minutes from campus, is the ultimate spot to catch up with friends. Just like you, The Factory is vibrant and full of life. The baristas here take pride in its homemade Famous Chicken Waffles and bold interior design. Amongst the beautifully curated space sits a set of indoor wooden swings, a “Great Gatsby” inspired table, and a mural of entertainment icons, featuring Anna Wintour, David Beckham and Queen Bey herself— all painted by local artists.

Must try: Famous Chicken Waffles + Cortado



For the working creative:

Constantly alive with lunch meeting talks, friendly customer-staff chatter and nose-in-book intellectuals, you’ll be able to channel some inspiration after an hour or two inside Cenote. Founded by two East Cesar Chavez natives, this coffee shop perfectly embraces the locality and modernity of Austin. Whether you’re looking to overcome writer’s block, engage in business matters or get some light work done, Cenote’s got you covered.

Must try: Vanilla Latte

Bonus: The gold-flecked marble table is the epitome of an Instagram-worthy backdrop.


Summermoon Coffee

For the studious intellectual:

Calling all “hipsters,” this is the spot for you. Summermoon has the ideal atmosphere for studying: a delicious drink menu, soothing jazz selections, and plenty of seating. When the morning and lunch rushes arrive, you’ll be able to nestle yourself in a cozy patio seat and study away. Summermoon is known for its custom hand-roasted drinks and “moon milk,” a frothy, sweet top-secret recipe that gives their lattes that extra taste bud oomph.

Must try: Signature Summermoon Latte


Bennu Coffee

For the last-minute crammer:

With midterms barreling through any leftover, wistful syllabus week hopes you had, you’re bound to have nights where study time sees no end in sight. Next time you’re about to drag yourself to the dreary PCL again, opt for the 24-hour Bennu Coffee shop instead. Quieter, cheaper and more outlet-friendly than Austin’s other ‘round-the-clock servers, Bennu will warmly welcome you into the wee hours of the morning.

Must try: Pick your poison, coffee at this hour probably all tastes the same anyway.


Houndstooth Coffee

For the caffeine enthusiast:

You actually enjoy coffee for its taste (and not just the Instagram shots and chill vibes), and Houndstooth houses some of the widest coffee varieties on its menu. Here, coffee and coffee shop culture are protected with pride, sentiment, and passion. The staff is well-versed in their craft and more than welcome to share their abundance of brew knowledge with you. If you have a special affinity for coffee: ask away.

Must try: Cortado, Latte, or Cappuccino