In-Between Seasons Style Guide

Springtime is just around the corner, but Mother Nature is still holding off on giving us the full pleasure of indulging in sunshine and the aroma of blooming flowers. We have reached that awkward in-between stage where it’s too cold outside to pull out short shorts and tank tops just yet, but it is way too warm to still be rocking faux fur and scarves.

Story by Jacqueline Briddell

At this point in the year the weather can be incredibly inconvenient: the morning hours are chilly, around noon it starts to warm up a bit and by midday it can feel like July in February. How are you supposed to plan for a full day’s schedule without having to make an outfit change every couple of hours? Let’s just say layering is your new best friend.

Here are some easy outfit ideas to help you conquer the awkward in-between-seasons weather.


Ripped Boyfriend Jeans and a Tied-Up Shirt

Wearing jeans will give your legs the coverage you want for the cool morning hours, but showing some skin makes them a bit more warm-weather friendly for when temperatures start to hit high 70s or 80s later in the afternoon. Pair the ripped jeans with a patterned blouse and tie a knot at the bottom to create a chic crop top look. This allows you to show just enough skin without getting too cold. Complete the look with a pair of cute sandals or ankle boots.


Dress with Jean Jacket

Ditch the winter tights and show off your bare legs in a cute flowy dress with a jean jacket. The jacket should be thick enough to keep you warm in the morning but easy to carry around when temperatures start to rise. If the material of the jean jacket is too stiff to tie around your waist, consider swapping it out for a thin denim shirt instead. Pair this outfit with some ankle boots and you’re all set.


Overalls with Sandals

Grab a long sleeved t-shirt and your favorite worn out overalls to create a cool, yet simple streetwear look. This outfit does not include a lot of removable layers, but the overalls will serve as a more comfortable option for this weird weather. Just add some cute sandals and a long cardigan, or if you’re feeling extra bold, throw on a cute blazer instead to add a level of sophistication.


T-shirt and Flannel Shirt

This last outfit is inevitably every college student's go-to look. Go for a flannel over a simple colored t-shirt or cool graphic tee, pair that with some leggings or skinny jeans and a pair of comfy tennis shoes and voilà –a classic look you absolutely cannot go wrong with. Stick to solid colors if you’re planning on wearing a plaid flannel, but swap that out for a cute patterned shirt if you’re wearing a simple cardigan instead.


Texas will continue to experience its temperature highs and lows until the official start of spring, so prepare to dress for awkward in-between weather for a few more weeks. Feel free to mix and match different pieces from the list to create your own perfect outfit, but always remember to layer.