ORANGE’s Style Guide to Running Late

No matter how hard you try, sometimes getting to class on time never works out. Whether you were up all night studying or just can’t find the right outfit, getting ready in the morning can take longer than expected. ORANGE has compiled a guide full of style inspiration to help you get out the door a little faster.

Story by Samantha Favela

Illustrations by Sonia Margolin

The Everyday Time Crunch

We have all had those days when you can’t seem to find a comfortable outfit. You spend twenty minutes changing shirts, pants and shoes to figure out what outfit to wear only to return to the first outfit you put on. For days like these, avoid the hassle and throw on a classic look that never goes wrong. Pair a white t-shirt with jeans and a motorcycle jacket for a easy and chic way to get going faster and on time.


The Sleeping In Hassle

In the mornings, your bed tends to feel extra warm and comfy. You can’t help but hit the snooze button over and over again until you realize you’ve got a half-hour to get dressed and go to class. For days like these, keep the comfiness going by throwing on your ultra-cute leggings, a pair of chic sneakers, a printed t-shirt and your favorite baseball cap. With this outfit, no one will ever know you slept in.


The Night of Binge-Watching

One episode turns into four and sooner or later, you’ve binge-watched an entire season of your favorite show. Netflix hangovers put a damper on mornings, especially when you can’t wake up to get to your early class. On mornings like this, go for a chromatic look paired with your favorite pair of sunglasses. Black is the easiest color to pull off for beginners, and you’re basically mourning the sleep you didn’t get.


The Midterm Chaos

With so many assignments due, it’s easy to lose track of the things you need to do. Often this means rushing to finish last minute work before class. Picking a cute outfit is the last thing on your mind as you’re rushing to get ready, so go with the no-brainer denim on denim look. Pair your favorite jeans and denim shirt to look put-together, even though you may feel unsure.


The Morning Makeup

Some mornings, everything goes right. You wake up on time, eat a good breakfast and have enough time to get ready without a hassle - until it comes to doing your makeup. That winged eyeliner just isn’t looking even and by the time you look at the time, your stress-free morning just went out the window. For mornings when your winged eyeliner just isn’t being cooperative, throw on a simple shirtdress and bomber jacket. With this look, nobody can tell that a makeup mishap made you late.