Press Play: Music Documentaries You Can Watch on Netflix

When one episode of a TV show just isn't enough for a study break, try watching a film. This eclectic mix of music documentaries depicts people from all walks of life. From ravers, head bangers and aspiring rappers, these documentaries capture the lives of many music lovers and bring audiences a new perspective on the music world. So sit back, and reward yourself after all that studying you may or may not get back to later.

Story by Jennifer Hernandez


"Under the Electric Sky"

Electric Daisy Carnival, or EDC, is one of the most highly anticipated EDM festivals of the year, which takes place every summer under the bright lights of Las Vegas, Nevada. This documentary follows the lives of avid ravers from all over the country as they prepare for a life-changing night full of dancing, new friendships and ground-shaking music performed by world famous DJs such as Calvin Harris, Above and Beyond and Avicii.  


"Alive Inside: A Story of Music and Memory"

Certain songs bring us nostalgia, and in the cases depicted in Alive Inside, they restore memory. Dan Cohen is a social worker who visits senior citizens in a nursing home, many of whom have Alzheimer’s. With just some headphones and a playlist of their youth, Cohen discovers how music can sometimes be stronger than medicine.



In a society where girls face the possibility of forced marriage, one teen decides to use rapping as a tool against oppresion. Sonita Alizadeh is an aspiring rap star with a desire to show the world her freestyling abilities. The cameras follow Alizadeh’s life as a student, daughter and refugee living in Afghanistan.


"Los Punks: We Are All We Have"

There are fandoms, and then there’s the punk rock community. While elements of punk rock may consist of moshing, loud music and crazy hair, this documentary explores the importance of the subculture and its impact on the individuals who are proud Latinx punks. For these punks, music is an escape as they face the life’s challenges.


"What Happened Miss Simone?"

During the Civil Rights movement, Nina Simone amplified the voices of many activists addressing racial inequality in America through her music. This poetic documentary features archival footage of the singer’s legendary concerts, home videos of her family and testimonials from loved ones. The intimate approach to Simone’s legacy sincerely documents  her search g for freedom in America and in her life.  


"Strike A Pose"

The Blond Ambition Tour was a worldwide takeover by Madonna that defined the ‘90s. Seven lucky dancers were chosen by Madonna herself and soon, their careers as took off and a special bond ignited. The film shows updates on each dancer, and what the once-in a lifetime experience did for the group and the tour’s lasting impact on the LGBT community.