New York Fashion Week: Accessories Edition

If you love this cold Austin weather, start preparing for your signature look for the fall as inspired by New York Fashion Week.

Story by Reilly Lawrence


Pearls Are The New Best Friend

Seen on every accessory from jewelry to eyewear, pearls have made a comeback this season. This is the perfect excuse to call your Nana, tell her you love her and scrounge through her old jewelry to complete your style-vision. Long story short: you might find yourself using every excuse to channel your inner Jackie-Os this week.

Photos courtesy of Elle Magazine and Vogue


Mismatched / Statement Earrings

If you can bear it, you can wear it. Large-and-in-charge earrings were center stage on the runways creating a cool, yet tough girl vibe anybody could rock. Pro-tip: When trying out this trend for the first time, opt for some cute, yet funky hoops. They are typically lighter in weight than more massive pieces and throw present a don’t-mess-with-me attitude to the world.

Photos courtesy of Elle Magazine


What Neck?

Feeling chilly? Good. Use that leftover ribbon or scarf to elevate your neck game and show Tyra Banks that the no-neck monster can be cute sometimes. Whether you’re going for a feminine pink or hard-rock plaid, your general body temperature will thank you for this practical trend.

Photos courtesy of Elle Magazine


Big A** Belts

You get a belt, you get a belt! Everyone gets a belt! Strap yourselves in because this accessory is here to secure you from the potential horrors of pant drama, from buttons breaking and pants falling. Belts have always been there to support you and it is about time they got some post-’80s love in return.

Photos courtesy of Elle Magazine


The “Ursula Stole My Voice” Look

Warning: Not suitable for those who are prone to seasickness. The nautical energy is alive and well with the fashion universe this season, with accessories of all kinds being adorned with adorable little seashells. It’s just like being on vacation.

Photos courtesy of Elle Magazine



This may not surprise anyone, but funky glasses will continue to be the go-to street style finishing touch, perfect for the busy boss who wants to remain a bit mysterious, sun-protective and hide some bags from the previous night’s Netflix marathon. Not to mention, they are pretty cool.

Photos courtesy of Elle Magazine