Men’s Beauty and Hygiene Care

There are misconceptions that men often neglect their beauty and hygiene care because it can make them seem less masculine. Despite society’s expectations, men should take care of themselves because when one looks good, one feels better.

Story by Malcom Thomas

Men, address your beauty needs with these products and recommendations.  


Facial Hair Care

If you are a bearded guy, you will want to get your hands on this beard conditioning oil. Not only does it nourish your skin, but it will keep your significant other happy with its pleasant smell. You can find this Shea Moisture product online or at your nearest Walgreens for just $10.

Photo courtesy of Shea Moisture


Oral Care

If you want to give a great first impression, the best way is by taking proper care of your oral hygiene and avidly flossing and brushing twice a day. Colgate Optic White is a brand proven to give your teeth that noticeable sparkle and shine with immediate results. This product can be found at your nearest retailer, with varying prices.  

Photo courtesy of Colgate


Personal Care

If you are someone who is constantly active and on the go, consider adding Dude Wipes to your list of favorite products.  They are great for freshening yourself up after a workout or throughout the day, if needed. You can purchase Dude Wipes at the nearest store for the low price of $10. 

Photo courtesy of Dude Products


Facial Care

A facial care routine is essential to eradicate blemishes while leaving your skin looking and feeling fresh. Though skin types differ, it is key to find a skin care regime that works for you. For example, if you have sensitive skin, try natural products, or if you have mild skin problems, go for a product with stronger ingredients that will give rapid results. After every face wash, follow up with a skin toner and moisturizer. This prevents your skin from drying out. Also try s doing a face mask every once in a while to control blemishes, diminish pore sizes and keep the skin smooth.  

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General Hygiene Care

Fuel your body with the right nutrients to help eliminate toxins that may contribute to skin problems, bad breath and body odor. Do this by limiting your caffeine, dairy and meat consumption while supplying your body with water, fruits and veggies to keep you looking healthier, energized and refreshed.

Photo courtesy of Men's Health