Trend Alert: Bow Down

What once graced the tops of ponytails everywhere has made a sudden return as the ultimate accessory for any look. That’s right, it’s bow time. No longer should we feel the shame of connoting our style with a typically “feminine” flair. Now is the time to not only embrace the femme, but to actively play with our ability to express the masculine and feminine dichotomy of style.

Written by Reilly Lawrence

Recently, stars of Hollywood like Millie Bobbie Brown, Skai Jackson, and Margot Robbie have been participating in bow trend on the red carpet, providing the perfect hair-goals, Pinterest board inspiration. Their hair risk is our perfect hair reward.

Photos Courtesy of Glamour

Ready to bow down? Tie it around your neck for ascot-eque look! Use it as a bracelet (or convenient hair tie) when you’re on the go. Nothing is more chic than a hair accessory. Create a headband and channel Roxie the Riveter to give you that extra umph you need to slay the week! Even something as simple as belting your favorite jeans, fixing your bad strap, or looping a bow around your ankle for a night out will make your look stand out. All in all, the bow is the dynamic go-to accessory of the season. She’s versatile, dynamic, and ready to work with whatever look you’re feeling on the go.

Photos Courtesy of Man Repeller

Bows have gotten a bad rap for ages, cast aside as either childish or an unwanted reminder of the neon glory of ‘80s.. But the comeback of the bow symbolizes more than just playful style; it’s altogether a part of a larger movement to chic-ify what we love most about ourselves. Whether you tie your hair up with a ribbon or throw on a funky sash at your next function, the bow you arm yourself with will be everything your 10-year-old self ever wanted: fun.