Trend Alert: Micro Handbags

While everything might be bigger in Texas, the rest of the world is obsessing over micro handbags. With shrunken sunglasses as a must-have, handbags are the latest accessory to go mini.

Story by Kennedy Williams

Minimalism is on the rise. A quick Google search of how to pare down your closet will unquestionably spur thousands of results. Historically, handbags have been anything but minimal, from Fendi’s Monster charms to the perpetually eye-catching Hermes Birkin. Those days of oversized catch-all bags a la Mary Poppins are long gone. Micro handbags that can barely fit the latest iPhone are a necessity for 2018.


Start Small

It can be hard to keep up with the latest trends and incorporate them into your wardrobe. But it is easy to start small. Micro handbags’ size lets the wearer try out the latest color or texture trend on a smaller scale. Their tiny canvases are the perfect arena to try out ultraviolet, mustard yellow or anything in between. As you drift into spring, inject your wardrobe with a fun touch of color. Smaller bags usually have a lower price tag as well.

Photos courtesy of The Fashion Law, Wannabe Magazine and Pure Wow


The Boxier, The Better

If architectural details are your thing, this is the bag for you. It merges the traditional shape of a cosmetic bag with the portability of a handbag. It is a classic reinvented. Unlike the makeup bags that are full of half-used products, the boxy micro handbag is just big enough for the essentials. Take some styling cues from Rihanna, who is often seen with her Frank Gehry x Louis Vuitton Twisted Box Bag. 

Photos courtesy of CR Fashion Book, WhoWhatWear and PurseBlog


So Small, You Might Miss Them

Fendi originally released their now-iconic micro bags as charms for their standard handbags. While these petit carryalls can stand on their own, they also serve as a nice addition to any bag you might already have. Take layering to another level and give your handbag some company.

Photos courtesy of Spotted Fashion, Purse Bop and Perennial Style


Monochromatic Micros with Macro Impact

Micro handbag’s whimsical nature is heightened through bold colors. There is something innately child-like about mini bags, as if they are more likely to contain a Coca-Cola flavored Smuckers lipgloss than the latest Fenty Beauty release. But that is the nucleus of their appeal. These shrunken bags become a conspicuous power statement that suggests that the wearer needs nothing more than their cell phone, ID, house key and a debit card. After all, not much else can fit.

Photos courtesy of Jacquemus