Through the Lens: Kings Kaleidoscope

On April 26, Kings Kaleidoscope performed at Vulcan Gas Company during their second time in Austin.

By Rebecca Chen

Kings Kaleidoscope is an American Christian alternative rock band from Seattle. Their style includes brass instruments, woodwinds, strings and an electric modern sound. Chad Gardner, the producer, singer and songwriter, formed this group in 2010 at the University of Washington. Seeking an orchestral indie pop sound, Gardner brought together a group.

While the crowd waited earnestly for the band, they entertained themselves by starting the wave. As half the room called out “Kingsssss” and the other half answered “Kaleidoscopeeee,” the band finally appeared on stage, welcomed by a roaring crowd of around 200. Gardner started off by singing “Glorious.” Throughout the night, he immersed himself in every song with passion as the crowd reciprocated with high energy.