Video: Gibroni's Food Truck Feature

Story by Madison Hamilton 
Video by Madison Hamilton and Mikaela Casas

There are more than a thousand registered food trucks in Austin. Unlike restaurant chains, the majority of these mobile establishments were started by one person with a dream and Gibroni’s Texitalican Kitchen is no exception. Growing up in Detroit, Michigan, Anthony (Tony) Gioutsos spent the majority of his childhood in his grandfather’s restaurant.

After getting married and moving to Austin, Tony knew he wanted to continue working in the food industry. He began bar tending at Banger's Sausage House & Beer Garden with the goal of saving up enough money to open his own place.

That day finally came on Nov. 13, 2014. With help from his wife Lindsey, as well as his best friend and chef, Maximiliano (Max) Berjes, Gibroni’s Texitalican Kitchen was born.

Unlike any other food truck, Gibroni’s combines Texas, Italian and Mexican style dishes - also known as “Texitalican.” The menu ranges from a hefty $9 brisket pasta to $6 chorizo bruschetta.

Much like the food, the truck is one of a kind.

Parked outside of Bar2211 in the up-and-coming East Austin neighborhood, Gibroni’s dons a giant colorful sugar skull on the side of their deliberately torched wooden truck.

Unlike most food trucks, Gibroni’s doesn’t take orders from a side window. Instead, you must walk around to the back porch where stairs lead up to the order window. The spacious porch area is decked out with photos of Tony’s family, as well as Gibroni’s merchandise. While ordering, you can grab a sharpie and make your mark on the ceiling of the food truck. Instead of receiving a number for your order, Tony Gibroni gives you an option of different celebrities to choose from, Frank Sinatra to Joe Pesci being two of many.

After 30 years in the food industry, Tony’s dream has become a reality with a truck that reflects both his upbringing and animated personality.