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ORANGE Magazine exists as a literary bridge between students and the greater Austin community. In all that we do, we aim to engage with fellow Austinites and recognize our local roots. We exist to provide an inclusive outlet for students to grow as writers, content creators, and media contributors. ORANGE recognizes the impact of modern media and commits to remaining educated about our society and the identities of those different from us. We aim to promote a human perspective and meaningful dialogue by passing the mic to others.

Classroom Beginnings

Beginning in the late 1990s, Professor Dave Garlock taught a Magazine Management class in the Moody College’s School of Journalism. Originally a class project, undergraduate students were given the opportunity to practice skills pertaining to editorial, art design, production, finances and more through a tangible publication, ORANGE Magazine. Created as a “magazine by students, for students,” ORANGE continues to maintain these founding values now as an independent publication.


No longer just for class, journalism students Becca Chavoya and Jane Claire Hervey transitioned ORANGE Magazine into a stand-alone publication and registered student organization in May 2013. Now in its eleventh semester, ORANGE is fully led, created and produced by UT Austin students of all backgrounds and majors. Beginning with 52 writers and editors, the magazine now consists of a 100-person staff dedicated to producing freshly squeezed content that connects students to Austin life.

Staff members have the opportunity to gain valuable experience as an Editor, Writer or Media staff member. Interested writers can apply to any of the following five sections: ATX, Music, Food + Drink, Style and Buzz. Those looking to join ORANGE Media can apply for any of these four sections: Photography, Design, Video and Social Media. Applications open at the beginning of each Fall and Spring semester here. Any UT student that is not a staff member is encouraged to submit to Pulp, our freelance and creative section.

Not just a magazine

In addition to online daily publishing, ORANGE releases a semesterly Print Issue that is fully envisioned, designed and created by staff members. Spanning over 100 pages, it showcases expansive creative work, in-depth feature articles, look-books and more.

To celebrate the end of the semester and a newly finished Print Issue, ORANGE hosts two annual events. In 2014, ORANGE presented its first-ever “5-1-Tunes Fest,” a public concert hosted at a downtown venue. A line-up of four to five local artists perform, while students and the Austin community alike can enjoy live music, support student creatives, and take a first look at the new issue. Past artists have included T.C. Superstar, Indoor Creature, PNTHN and more at venues like Barracuda, Empire Control Room and Cheer Up Charlies.

Similar to 5-1-Tunes Fest, ORANGE hosted its inaugural “Volume” in 2017. Though also a Print Issue release party, Volume is primarily a social event outfitted with a killer playlist, activities and one live musical performance. Volume occurs every fall and 5-1-Tunes is hosted every spring.

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