Is It Too Late to Post ACL Pictures? #waywaylatergram

By Mary K. Schaffer [slideshow]

Austin City Limits — it's a glorious three days of cramped feet, rain, mud, hunger, beats you can feel in your chest, sweat-drenched bodies, food, celebrity sightings, bass lines that make the ground rumble, art and new friends. You secretly pray for it to be over because you're exhausted, but really, you hope it never ends. The three days of the music festival blur together in a haze of sweat, sun and laughter. For days after the festival ends, the chorus of nearly 75,000 voices singing along to their favorite live songs rings in your ears. It's all a little surreal.

If you're still reeling from the glory and surreality that is ACL — and from actually seeing the Red Hot Chili Peppers with your own two eyes — here's proof it really happened.