Lights, Camera, Beauty Pageant

[gallery type="slideshow" columns="7" ids="5254,5251,5248,5250,5252,5256,5253,5249,5255"] Photo Story By Darice Chavira

For Hoang-Kim Cung, a senior broadcast journalism major at UT, spending time in front of the camera reporting the latest news stories comes as a second nature. While interning with KEYE-TV in Austin twice a week and broadcasting for UT’s student television station Good Morning Texas, Cung spends her days reporting, editing film, and contributing any way she can to the growing social media. Although an earpiece and microphone are the finishing touches for reporting, Cung also sports a certain fancy, sparkly accessory: a crown. Behind the business slacks and blazers, she holds the title of 2012-2013 National American Miss, a title she won in Anaheim, California in 2012. Cung also spends her time working with non-profit organizations while promoting her charity Love, a cause that raises money for Vietnam and Veteran families living in impoverished areas of communist Vietnam. Between the news and glamour, Cung has found a way to balance her personal life and the high demands of the beauty pageant world. This 21-year-old fashion guru roams the 40 acres like any other UT student, just with the title of "Queen" under her belt.